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MBC Offers Jung Il Woo To Star In “Golden Rainbow” With UEE

Actor Jung Il Woo is currently being offered in the last minute and expected to join upcoming weekend drama “Golden Rainbow” according to an official from MBC.

“Golden Rainbow” is a story about 7 orphaned not blood-related siblings facing the hardships of the world. Jung Il Woo’s possible role takes care of the other two orphaned siblings. He will go after UEE‘s character and fall in love with her.

Jung Il Woo starred in last year’s hit drama “The Moon That Embraces The Sun” and left a deep impression as Prince Yang Myung. Recently, he refused all the other hundred-million-won contracts to sign with his own agency Haru Entertainment. On August 23, he went to Japan and met with his Japanese Fan Club for his 2nd Fan Meeting. The actor were currently focused on his overseas activities these days.

On the other hand, Actor Kim Sang Jung who is best known for his role as Steve Lee in SBS Television series City Hunter and Presidential Candidate Kang Dong Yoon “The Chaser” has finalized his appearance in the upcoming weekend series.

Source: dramabucks

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