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[Sina Interview Trans] Jung Il Woo stop being a rebellion due to a traffic accident

Jung Il Woo won audiences’ love through “The Unstoppable High-Kick”. His role as Yang Myung in “The Moon that embraces the Sun” made several audiences’ heart-broken for his tragic fate. Born after ’85, this Korean star with a title as “Healer Flower Boy” gave a complete different impression in this interview. In the past, Jung Il Woo always answered questions carefully and sometimes even showed slight nervous. This time, Jung Il Woo appeared much mature and calm. Loosely draped with a black coat, he sat on the chair with a dominant affection and handled all questions with lots of confidence. “At my age….I’m old…” became his new pet phrase.

(Wonder: Isn’t it time to get marry at your age?)

Answered: “Um..Not yet the right time to get wed.”

Jung Il Woo was born and raised in a pleasant wealthy family. His father is a merchant and mother is a professor. He mentioned that he often went aboard with his parents and had been to many places in China. His family members understand some Chinese and have decent knowledge of Chinese culture. He himself is also considered to be a young expert of China. He expressed that he suffered a serious traffic accident during a family outing. Ever since then, he no longer acts as a rebellion and start taking extra safety measures in all aspects.

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[QQ Interview Trans] Jung Il Woo wishes to team up with Director Wong Ka Wai

Popular Korean Actor Jung Il Woo showed up in Beijing on January 4, shortly after he finished his Taiwan Fan Meeting. This Korean Star appeared to be more and more concerned about his market in China ever since he was awarded in Huading. Jung Il Woo likes Szechuan cuisine, loves listening to the song “Fairy Tale” by Michael Wong. Whenever he talked about his Chinese fans, his face is brighten up with a warm smile.

He made a rocket fame from the debut drama “The Unstoppable High-Kick” portrayed a rebellion handsome boy Lee Won Ho. Followed by dramas “49 Days” and “The Flower Boy Ramyun Shop”, he received massive praises again. Finally, his recent work in hit drama “The Moon that embraces the Sun” brought him with explosive popularity.

During QQ Tencent’s interview, Jung Il Woo stated that the biggest reward in 2012 was the great viewership results from historic drama “The Moon that embraces the Sun”. It was successfully recognized as the national drama. As we talked about his upcoming plans in 2013, he expressed that he greatly admires Direct Wong Ka Wai and Director Wu Yu Sen. He wish he would have chances to collaborate with these two directors.

Although Jung Il Woo has successfully portrayed many faithful romantic charming roles, he said he is not a very romantic person in real life. He even teased that he has not fallen in love for a very long time and already forgotten how it feels being romantic. Jung further expressed that even when he falls in love, he definitely will choose not to disclose it!

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[FanCam+Trans] 121208 – Jung Il Woo sends a video message to fans in Taiwan Fan Meeting

Translation of the massege:

Everyone, I’m Jung Ilwoo.
How are you today?
Are you enjoying today?
I’ve prepared to meet everyone in fan meeting.
Previously, it seems I’m excited every day.
How I can more get close the distance(of us).
How I can make you more fun and happy.
I sincerely get into the bottom of your heart this day.
I hope it will be another precious memory of us. ^^

It’s been 6 years already.
Nothing gonna change for 6 years.
Your sincere love, encouragement and reprimand make me grown up as an actor.
It becomes a stepping stone for me to grow as a perfect person.
I’m grateful once again for this.
I will show you good work and good acting as the best way to reciprocate your generous love.
Please believe and have an eye for me.
Be happy together!
When I feel depressed or faced with tough, I will think of you to give me power.
I want to be such for you too~
All depression and difficult time share out to me and bring all happiness to you instead.
I hope we will think of each other to be a power for us. ^^v

Although at this moment, just keep in mind that it’s our 1st snow promise.
Please laugh a lot and more happy till we will meet again~
I sincerely thank all fans tonight.
I love you. ^_^

Meanwhile everyone, have we just do it as well as our farewell?
So I’ve prepared a special time for you.
To see you in closer, I’ll greet everyone one by one!!!
Although I will greet you directly at the end (of event).
Please wait for awhile to see you there. ^_<

Please don’t re-edit

Video credit: DCilwoo

English Translation: BesideWoo

Please take out with credit. Thanks! 😀

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