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Jung Il-Woo, the full contract with the previous management company “I chose to be loyal”

Jung Il-Woo, the full contract with the previous management company “I chose to be loyal”
The actor returned to Star K.

On 9th, Jung Il-Woo signed the full contract with Star K Entertainment. Star K Entertainment is the place where Jung Il-Woo had stayed for a long time when he was a rookie, and Jung Il-Woo returned in three years.

Star K Entertainment stated “we have maintained deep relationship with Jung Il-Woo even after the full contract got expired on 2010. We offered to work together to Jung Il-Woo recently, and after giving lots of thoughts, Jung Il-Woo chose the loyalty rather than his profits.” On last May, Jung Il-Woo made new lodging in Haru Entertainment, the newly established management company, but after giving long thoughts, for the development of both sides, the decision to go on his own way has been reached.

Jung Il-Woo debuted through MBC sit-com ‘High Kick’ in 2006, and made appearances on ‘Il Ji-Mae returned’, ‘Take care of Missus’, ‘Flower-boy Ramen Store’, ‘Moon Embracing Sun’, etc.

Source: Innolife

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Jung Il Woo Signs with Former Agency Star K Entertainment

Returning home, Jung Il Woo signed with Star K Entertainment, the place he called home as a rookie.

On September 9, Jung Il Woo signed with Star K Entertainment. The actor and the agency split in 2010 when Jung Il Woo left for a different agency. It also happened to be Jung Il Woo’s 26th birthday, making the occasion more meaningful.

Star K Entertainment stated that although Jung Il Woo left the agency three years back, the actor and the agency staff still kept in touch, so when the agency suggested working together again, Jung il Woo accepted, even leaving behind his own agency, Haru Entertainment for the advancement of both companies.

“After moving agencies, Jung Il Woo’s been receiving a lot of love calls for dramas. There is a project that we’re positively talking about. He will return to acting in the near future.” said Star K Entertainment.

Other stars in Star K Entertainment are Yoo Ah In, Jae Hee, Shim Ji Ho, Yoon Ah Jung, and more.

Photo Credit: Star K Entertainment

Source: Mwave

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