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[Sina Interview Trans] Jung Il Woo stop being a rebellion due to a traffic accident

Jung Il Woo won audiences’ love through “The Unstoppable High-Kick”. His role as Yang Myung in “The Moon that embraces the Sun” made several audiences’ heart-broken for his tragic fate. Born after ’85, this Korean star with a title as “Healer Flower Boy” gave a complete different impression in this interview. In the past, Jung Il Woo always answered questions carefully and sometimes even showed slight nervous. This time, Jung Il Woo appeared much mature and calm. Loosely draped with a black coat, he sat on the chair with a dominant affection and handled all questions with lots of confidence. “At my age….I’m old…” became his new pet phrase.

(Wonder: Isn’t it time to get marry at your age?)

Answered: “Um..Not yet the right time to get wed.”

Jung Il Woo was born and raised in a pleasant wealthy family. His father is a merchant and mother is a professor. He mentioned that he often went aboard with his parents and had been to many places in China. His family members understand some Chinese and have decent knowledge of Chinese culture. He himself is also considered to be a young expert of China. He expressed that he suffered a serious traffic accident during a family outing. Ever since then, he no longer acts as a rebellion and start taking extra safety measures in all aspects.

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[Photos] Jung Il Woo’s Exclusive Interview with Sina

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Jung Il Woo’s Interview with

Interviewing Jung Il Woo: Likes Leslie Cheung songs, and occasionally drinks with Lee Min Ho

Recently, Korean new generation star Jung Il Woo was invited to China to take part in the Hunan variety show <Up Go>, and today (9th May), he had a chat with Sina about his life and work. Jung Il Woo became popular acting in <Unstoppable High Kick> as the handsome rebel Lee Yun Ho, and audiences have gotten more familiar with him through recent shows like <49 Days> and <Flower Boy Ramyun Shop>. But it was in the recent hot favourite <The Moon That Embraces The Sun>, that Jung Il Woo’s turn as the sacrificial Yang Myeong attracted much attention from viewers. Jung Il Woo said that it was <Moon Embraces Sun> that gave him confidence, and taught him how to act, and he hopes that he could work with Andy Lau and Takeshi Kaneshiro in the future. In his own private life, he shared that he would drink and chat with good friends Kim Bum and Lee Min Ho. He is also a typical Virgo sign, and loves to hum to himself, and really likes Leslie Cheung’s rendition of <The Moon Represents My Heart>. Continue reading

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[Video] Exclusive Interview with Jung Il Woo by (English Subbed)

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[Video] Exclusive Interview with Jung Il Woo by

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Exclusive Interview with Jung Il Woo on Sina Entertainment

Recently, Korean Star of the new generation Jung Il Woo was invited to join Hunan TV Variety show “Day-day Up”. Today, he talked about his life and work with Sina Entertainment. Starred in High-kick as a handsome rebellion Lee Yuenhoi, he rapidly became famous. Later on, he had more exposures through successful dramas “49 Days” and “Flower Boy Ramen Shop”. Earlier this year, he portrayed Yang Myung, who

sacrifice everything for love in record hit series “The Moon that Embraces the Sun”, and attracted more attention. He expressed, he gained more confidence

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