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[Scans] Official Guide Book of “Night Watchman’s Journal”

Credit: DCilwoo

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[Scans] 170714 Jung Il Woo for ‘The Celebrity’ Magazine August Issue

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[Scans+Trans] Jung Il Woo Featured in K-Trendy Magazine Vol. 03 2013

Prior to “The First Snow Promise” Taiwan FM, Jung Il Woo visited Taiwan in late October 2012. His leading dramas “49 Days”, “The Moon that embraces the Sun” and “Flower Boy Ramyun Shop” continuously received high popularity in Japan. Let’s have a chat with him in regards to his dramas, fashion style, winter measures and future plans.

In order to promote the first Taiwan FM “The First Snow Promise”, Jung Il Woo came to Taiwan last year in October and immediately launched a series of promotional events. Of course, he also had an exclusive interview with Trendy. It has been a year since we met in our last interview. Yet, his stunning smile shines as it always is. It was just like meeting an old friend that we greet each other dearly! When shooting the portraits, he portrayed professionally to meet the photographer’s requirements with all kinds of gorgeous poses. Looked at his cute acts playing with the little props made us all burst in laughter. Then we pleasantly began Trendy’s exclusive interview. Continue reading

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[Scans+Trans] Jung Il Woo Featured in Top Idol (Taiwanese Magazine) January 2013 Issue

Warm-hearted smiling Jung Il Woo
First visit to Taiwan attracts enormous popularity

Jung, taking the image as a “First Snow Lover” for the FM. Passionate eyes throbbed countless hearts

The sizzling hot flower boy actor sweep across Asia

Famous Korean Actor Jung Il Woo, famed with dramas “49 Days”, “The Flower Boy Ramyun Shop” and “The Moon that embraces the Sun”, visited Taiwan at the end of October for a 3-day promotion of his upcoming FM to be held on December 8th. Although that was not a public visit, it still attracted lots of fans to wait for him at the airport and hotel. Jung Il Woo started his busy schedule with various media interviews immediately on the first day of his Taiwan trip. On our interview at the hotel, we could tell from his gorgeous sunshine smile and superb friendliness that he was very happy. We all enjoyed a cozy time at the meeting. Continue reading

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[Scans+Trans] Jung Il Woo Featured in TRENDY Magazine No.41 November 2012 Issue




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[Scans] 49 Days Photo Comic Book Vol. 1 (Indonesian version)

Here are some pics of 49 Days Photo Comic Book Vol. 1 in indonesian language (224 pages).

If you guys want this book badly, find and buy them in bookstores near to you, right now only for Indonesia.


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