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[Video] Jung Il Woo asked, “Where am I right now?”

Source: Smilwoo

Via: DCilwoo

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[Video] Jung Il Woo ‘s video message for the upcoming “Jung Il Woo Happy Smilwoo Fan Meeting”

Source: smilwoo

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[Video] 130510 – Jung Il Woo’s Message on “Holika Holika” CF BTS Video

(via smilwoo + dcilwoo YouTube)

[Video Message Trans]
Hello everyone! How are you?
Today, we are here to shoot a cosmetic advertisement
All of you do know about Park Shinhye well, right?
Miss Park Shinhye has been appointed as the new female endorser.
The filming is going very pleasant!
Besides, there will be a Q&A session soon. It’ll be fun ~
Thus….that’s for now….

(translated by @JIW_CNFansworld)

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[Video] 130509 – Jung Il Woo ‘s Message about Korean Musical Play “The Lost Garden”


Hello everyone! How are you?
I am Jung Il Woo.
Innovative Korean Musical Play “The Lost Garden” will premiere in Shanghai
at The Mercedes-Benz Arena in Shanghai on June 8, 2013.
“The Lost Garden” is definitely a highly anticipated masterpiece!
Please look forward to the wonderful music and touching story in “The Lost Garden”
“The Lost Garden” Fighting!
Let’s see you in Shanghai at “The Lost Garden”!!

(translated by @JIW_CNFansworld)

[FYI] Premier event of “The Lost Garden” in which Kim TaeWoo has the starring role will be held at Mercedes-Benz Cultural Center at Shanghai on Jun 8. Afterwards, it will proceed to a world tour that goes across Thailand, Japan, Korea, and the United States. here is the musical teaser >>

(Info credit @BesideWoo)

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[FanCam+Trans] 121208 – Jung Il Woo sends a video message to fans in Taiwan Fan Meeting

Translation of the massege:

Everyone, I’m Jung Ilwoo.
How are you today?
Are you enjoying today?
I’ve prepared to meet everyone in fan meeting.
Previously, it seems I’m excited every day.
How I can more get close the distance(of us).
How I can make you more fun and happy.
I sincerely get into the bottom of your heart this day.
I hope it will be another precious memory of us. ^^

It’s been 6 years already.
Nothing gonna change for 6 years.
Your sincere love, encouragement and reprimand make me grown up as an actor.
It becomes a stepping stone for me to grow as a perfect person.
I’m grateful once again for this.
I will show you good work and good acting as the best way to reciprocate your generous love.
Please believe and have an eye for me.
Be happy together!
When I feel depressed or faced with tough, I will think of you to give me power.
I want to be such for you too~
All depression and difficult time share out to me and bring all happiness to you instead.
I hope we will think of each other to be a power for us. ^^v

Although at this moment, just keep in mind that it’s our 1st snow promise.
Please laugh a lot and more happy till we will meet again~
I sincerely thank all fans tonight.
I love you. ^_^

Meanwhile everyone, have we just do it as well as our farewell?
So I’ve prepared a special time for you.
To see you in closer, I’ll greet everyone one by one!!!
Although I will greet you directly at the end (of event).
Please wait for awhile to see you there. ^_<

Please don’t re-edit

Video credit: DCilwoo

English Translation: BesideWoo

Please take out with credit. Thanks! 😀

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