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[FanCam] 130222 – Jung Il Woo at Holika Holika Fan Meeting Event in Myanmar


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[Photos] Jung Il Woo at Holika Holika Fan Meeting Event in Malaysia (from Official Website)

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Jung Il Woo makes the front page of Malaysian newspaper

Hallyu star Jung Il Woo recently made the front page of a Malaysian newspaper.

On September 23, Jung, who is a representative for the cosmetic brand Holica Holica, held a special signing event with over 3,000 fans in Malaysia.

Sin Chew Daily, which reported on Jung and his signing event, is the most powerful media outlet in Malaysia, South Thailand, Brunei, and Indonesia.

Malaysian English tabloid newspapers, including, The Star and Sin Chew Daily, and popular local newspapers, including, China Press, New Straits Times, Berita Harian, and Harian Metro also reported on Jung in detail.

Reporters who were taking pictures of Jung during the signing event, also stood in line to get his autograph. This proved that Jung has become a new prince of Chinese speaking countries.

Jung was recently selected as the most popular star with good image in Chinese speaking countries after he received the Best Asian Actor at Hwajung Awards in China.

Source: TV Report


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A Date with Jung Il Woo

People said it’s better to see it with the naked eyes as it won’t lie and never gives you wrong impression on what you see. That is what happen to us when we come across actor Jung Il-woo (@Actorjungilwoo) last week in Times Square as he’s here for the Holika Holika promotion.

We have no expectation on Jung Il-woo as he’s not more than just a cute face that you will see in your laptop or television screen if you’re an avid k-drama fans. He also not the k-pop type of artist where they are doing both in acting and singing but he’s a talented actor who successfully nailed every character that has given to him through out all the drama he’s in, as for the latest one should be Prince Yan Myung  from ‘The Moon that Embraces the Sun’.

Arrived in Malaysia on 22th night, Jung Il-woo’s here to promote ‘Holika Holika’, a cosmetic company who’s joining in other line-up brands here in Malaysia. As he’s the new spokesperson for the brand, inviting him over to Malaysia is a great move to promote Holika Holika and introduce this charming prince to the local people on what it is all about. The event which took place in Berjaya Times Square managed to have a huge crowed of spectaculars and of course the loyal fans of his. Fans wore all purple colour clothes as the supporting colour and Jung Il-woo seem overwhelmed by the support from the fans as he do not realized that he has a lots of fans here in Malaysia. Starting the press conference with English remarks, he’s able to get a loud of cheer when saying ‘Saya cinta padamu’ and the fans went wild. We would say he’s so friendly in person as he keeps on waving, smiling and even so sporting with the camera all around. Continue reading

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Jung Il Woo’s Autograph Session With Fans in Malaysia Attracts Over 3,300

On June 23, actor Jung Il Woo held a autograph session with fans at the Berjaya Times Square shopping mall in Malaysia as the spokesmodel for cosmetics brand Holika Holika.

With Jung Il Woo’s popularity and recognition growing in Asia, organizers anticipated many fans would show up but couldn’t have imagined some 3,300 fans would show up to catch a glimpse of the star that day.

Moreover, the fans came from beyond only Malysia but places like Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, Dubai and more with some even waiting out from the shopping mall’s opening.

As soon as the actor emerged, the crowd roared as cameras began flashing. The fans even revealed a surprise for Jung Il Woo, who had celebrated his birthday just a few weeks before, as the fans sang happy birthday in English, Korean and Malay to the actor.

A representative for the cosmetics brand shared, “We knew Jung Il Woo’s popularity was rising in the China [and Southeast Asian] regions but we were truly surprised to see over 3,000 fans from all over Asian show up for the autograph session. In particular, watching the fans sing happy birthday in three different languages for the actor touched not only Jung Il Woo but the staff as well.”

Photo Credit: Soop Entertainment

Credit: enewsworld
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[Videos] Jung Il Woo at Holika Holika Fan Meeting Event in Malaysia

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