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[FanCam] 080614 “ILWOO TOGETHER” Fanmeeting in Tokyo

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[FanCam] 070614 Jung Il Woo at Kansai Airport for Fanmeeting in Tokyo

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[FanCam] 070614 “ILWOO TOGETHER” Fanmeeting in Osaka


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Jeong Il-woo ends Japan fan meeting

Jeong Il-woo finished his Japan fan meeting.

Jeong Il-woo had a fan meeting in Osaka and Tokyo in Japan on the 7th and 8th. He came down with roses in the opening and handed them out to his fans.

On stage, he greeted his fans and talked about some things before revealing the making of MBC drama “Golden Rainbow“. In the section ‘About Jeong Il-woo‘ of the show, his measurements were revealed and he gave out a perfume present to those who guessed his favorite perfume.

Being a known coffee mania, Jeong Il-woo became a barista for his fans and picked some of the fans to come up on stage and enjoy coffee.

Jeong Il-woo answered some of the questions he had prior to the fan meeting and gave out presents to those whose questions had been chosen. He also sang. He moved around the stage for the audience during photo time.

Jeong Il-woo said, “I appreciate you allowing me to have this happy time. With every fan meeting I feel I can do more to show you more. I will make sure I prepare more of me the next time we meet”.

Jeong Il-woo is joining the MBC “Infinity Challenge” cheer squad to go to Brazil for the World Cup. He is also starring in the MBC drama “The Night Watchman“.

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[Media Photo] “ILWOO TOGETHER” Fanmeeting in Japan

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[SNS] 100614 Jung Il Woo’s Instagram Update


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