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[Photos] Jung Il Woo’ new photo for Holika Holika and Enprani CF

Source: Holika Holika

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[Video] Jung Il Woo & Park Shin Hye for Holika Holika BTS Photoshoot

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[Video] 130510 – Jung Il Woo’s Message on “Holika Holika” CF BTS Video

(via smilwoo + dcilwoo YouTube)

[Video Message Trans]
Hello everyone! How are you?
Today, we are here to shoot a cosmetic advertisement
All of you do know about Park Shinhye well, right?
Miss Park Shinhye has been appointed as the new female endorser.
The filming is going very pleasant!
Besides, there will be a Q&A session soon. It’ll be fun ~
Thus….that’s for now….

(translated by @JIW_CNFansworld)

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Jung Il Woo for “Holika Holika and Enprani” new CF + Making (by “smilwoo” Japan Official FanClub

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[Video] Myanmar fans’ exotic greetings to Actor Jung Il Woo

정배우를 향한 미얀마 팬들의 환영 영상

안녕하세요. 정일우닷컴입니다.

올만에 영상업데이트 입니다. 벌써 3월 봄을 앞두고 있는데요, 이런 날씨일수록 환절기에 감기 더욱 조심하시구요. ^^

짧은 영상입니다만. 홀리카홀리카 행사를 위해 미얀마를 처음 방문했는데.

국내 못지 않게 해외에서도 뜨거운 성원을 보내주셔서 다시한번 감사의 인사말씀드립니다.

미얀마 팬들의 열렬하고 격한 환영을 여러분께도 같이 공유해드리고 싶어서 영상을 공개해드립니다.

이날 촬영하신 분은 정배우 뒤를 쫓으며 촬영하느라 아주 진땀을 뺐다는 후문이네요. ^^

다시한번 감사드립니다.


Myanmar fans’ exotic greetings to Actor Jung Il Woo How are you?

We have just updated a video after quite a while. Early spring in March, the weather is changing.
So please take care not to catch a flu. ^-^

Although it is a short video, it was the first visit to Myanmar for Holika Holika Event.

Not only in Korea, we also received exotic welcome in overseas. Thanks a lot again!

We’d like to share Myanmar fans great greetings with everyone through this public video.

On the event day, shooting was done soggy followed him around.

At the end of shooting, Actor Jung left through the back door. ^-^

translated by @JIW_CNFansworld


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[Fan-taken Photo] 130222 – Jung Il Woo Sightsees in Myanmar

He always looks in his element when he’s just being a tourist. And shopping.

(via dcilwoogallery; credit as tagged)


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