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Jung Il Woo Is Terrible At Dancing

Jung il Woo
When actor Jung Il Woo was interviewed for “Harper’s Bazaar,” he talked about his future and the limits on his career as an entertainer.

In his upcoming historical fusion drama, “The Night Watchman,” he plays Yi Lin. His character is a prince with the unusual ability to see ghosts. So, he joins the night watchmen to protect the palace and his people from malevolent spirits. His patrol duties as a night watchman help him to become a better prince.

June Il Woo has played a prince before. He was the half-brother and rival to the royal heir in “The Moon Embracing The Sun.” He played a chaebol who acted like a prince in “Flower Boy Ramen Shop.” It’s also not the first time he dabbled in the supernatural. Jung Il Woo played the angelic Scheduler of the dead in “49 Days.”

What character would he like to play next?

“I don’t have a specific role in mind right now,” he told the magazine. “I tend not to feel desperate about what my next role will be. When I was a younger actor I used to put pressure on myself about my next role.”

But there is one thing he is certain about. His next roles will not involve dancing.

“I would like to build up more of a career in plays, films and television dramas, but not musicals,” he said at the recent press conference for “The Night Watchman.” “I’m terrible at dancing.”

Having seen a clip of him dancing to Psy’s “Gangnam Style” at a fan event in Taiwan, you might agree. He seemed terribly embarrassed at the end of his impromptu performance. Also, his few minutes of dancing to 2NE1’s “Come Back” during an appearance on “Infinity Challenge” did not do much to recommend a future career as a dancer.

But at least that disability is something the actor shares with his best friend and fellow entertainer Lee Min Ho.

The actor once sent his longtime friend a video message congratulating him on his concert tour.

“You have revealed a lot of things about me in the past and now it’s my turn,” Jung Il Woo said in the video message. “Lee Min Ho sings well but he can’t dance.”

The full interview with Jung Il Woo can be read in the August issue of Harper’s Bazaar Korea. His new drama “The Night Watchman” starts on August 4th.

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Jung Il Woo Reveals That He Spends a Third of His Income on Clothes

Jung Il Woo Reveals That He Spends a Third of His Income on Clothes

Actor Jung Il Woo recently appeared in a fashion spread with fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar.

In the photo shoot, he emitted a sophisticated aura with a serious look.

During the interview conducted with the magazine, he admitted that he spends almost one third of his earnings on clothes. Recently, his huge collection of stylish pants drew attention while he was appearing on the hit variety show “Infinity Challenge.” He said that all the pants he wore on the broadcast were his. He also humorously added, “these days I am into floral pants; I must have bought at least ten of them.”

Jung Il Woo plays a main character in the upcoming drama “The Night Watchman,” which will air on August 4.

The full photo shoot and interview with Jung Il Woo can be found in the August issue of Harper’s Bazaar.

jung il woo bazaar

jung il woo

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