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[Fan Account] Jung Il Woo in Malaysia

gotta say this is one of the event Im extremely excited about as it is my first time seeing a ~*k-actor*~ and not just any actor but one of my favourite!!!! It is no other than Jung Ilwoo!♥♥♥ He is here in Malaysia to promote the cosmetic brand hes endorsing, Holika Holika. Well,my initial plan was just to go to the event in Times Square with no ticket >,< but being the spontaneous and random person that I am (no,not really) Kak Fisha,Haida and myself were talking on twitter and we decided to go to the airport a few hours before Ilwoo was scheduled to land XD It was really a not-well-planned moment hahahaha XD Chuna and Kak Midot also joined us,and there we met other Ilwoo fans and other friends XD oh and Holika Holika’s representatives there were so friendly ♥╣[-‿-]╠♥ and shortly after that,fans were screaming because Ilwoo came out from the arrival hall and let me just say,how radiant he is,like angel-like radiant oh my goodness ;_; and the best thing was he kept on smiling and looking at the fans (~ ̄▽ ̄)~ the only thing I was not satisfied was that the Holika Holika staff gave a flower lei to him near the arrival exit,which was, well,kinda far from us and we were block by the poles in the middle of the area T___T it was short,but ahhh oh so lovely because Jung Ilwoo makes everything better (∩▂∩) Continue reading

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[Fan Account] Jung Il Woo: Fanmeeting in Malaysia

So…this afternoon, Jung Il Woo had a fanmeeting in Kuala Lumpur! Malaysia! My country! It seemed so surreal at first, but I decided to go and try my luck if I could see him, even from afar. It wasn’t a fanmeeting organized by his management, but he came as an ambassador for Holika Holika, a cosmetic brand in South Korea. The event was a very memorable one for me because it’s my first time to join something like this.

(all photos belong to Holika Holika Malaysia Facebook Page)

The fanmeeting was held at Berjaya Times Square, a shopping mall in Kuala Lumpur. I thought it was going to be held in a private place and I was so happy to find out that the event was going to take place at the main stage of the mall. I arrived there around 12 p.m. and fans had started to gather around so early, although Ilwoo was only scheduled to make his appearance on 2 p.m.

Since the event was organized by Holika Holika, those who bought the products from the brand had the chance to stand in a place nearer to the stage, while some lucky buyers got the chance to take photos with Ilwoo and receive a poster personally signed by him. I wasn’t one of the buyers, so I remained outside the area but got myself a decent spot for me to get a good view of the stage.

Around 1 p.m., more fans were coming and the place started to become crowded with people, mainly women wearing purple (as the color theme for Holika Holika is purple). The deejay kept calling for the lucky buyers to fill up the space in front of the stage while waiting for Ilwoo to arrive.

Suddenly, some dancers went up onto the stage and Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style’ was played. They danced to the song, causing the fans to be more excited.

The emcee for the event went onto the stage and the crowd became even more hyped. He asked us if we wanted to make a surprise for Ilwoo, since his birthday was on September 9th and all the fans agreed to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ song for him. Some initially requested for 4 versions of the songs (and the emcee said jokingly, “You’re too greddy!”) but end up with three versions: Korean, English, and Malay. We even practiced singing once.

Finally…Ilwoo made his appearance! Everyone was so excited and the crowd was screaming loudly. People were waving at him and that included me. Haha I couldn’t help it, too excited! The emcee welcomed him and he smiled while waving back at the fans. Continue reading

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