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[SNS] 220614 Jung Il Woo’s Twitter Update


Original post: @ActorJungilwoo: @Quanninomarley 대한민국 화이팅!!!

Eng-trans: Republic of Korea Fighting!!!

Original post: @Quanninomarley: 무조건 이깁니다!!대한민국 화이팅!! “@ActorJungilwoo

Eng-trans: No matter what have to win! Republic of Korea Fighting!!

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[SNS] 210614 Jung Il Woo’s Twitter Update

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Original post: @Actorjungilwoo: 꿈같은 시간들.. 감사합니다..

Eng-trans: This time like a dream.. Thank you..

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[SNS] 210614 Jung Il Woo’s Instagram Update


Original post: @jilwww: Rio de janeiro


Original post: @jilwww:

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Jung Il Woo Joins the “Infinity Challenge” Cheer Team

Jung Il Woo Joins the “Infinity Challenge” Cheer Team

Hallyu star Jung Il Woo arrived in Brazil to cheer for the Korean national soccer team.

On June 20, Jung Il Woo joined the “Infinity Challenge” cheering team and arrived at the Sao Paulo airport with them.

Despite of the fact that he arrived early in the morning, fans that heard of his arrival went to the airport to greet the hallyu star. Jung Il Woo greeted his fans with a bright smile despite of the long flight from Korea to Brazil.

Also, Jung Il Woo took the time to take pictures with his fans and give them his autograph. Since there were so many fans who came out to see Jung Il Woo, the “Infinity Challenge” staff had to wait for a bit.

Jung Il Woo joined Yoo Jae Suk, HaHa, Son Ye Jin, B1A4 for the “Infinity Challenge” cheer team. They are planning on attending the competition between Korea and Algeria on June 23.

As a hallyu star, Jung Il Woo is not only popular in Brazil but in China, Japan, and Indonesia. Seeing as how so many Brazilian fans came out to see the star, a possibility can be seen for him to raise his popularity in South America.

Meanwhile, starting in July, MBC’s upcoming Monday-Tuesday drama, “The Night Watchman,” will be aired where Jung Il Woo will be playing the role of Lee Rin. It takes place during the Joseon Dynasty where he goes on patrol to catch ghosts.

jung il woo_brazil world cup

Source: Soompi

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“Infinite Challenge” members receive warm welcome at airport in Brazil


The members of “Infinite Challenge” and their special guests have arrived safely in Brazil and were greeted warmly as they arrived at the airport!

Yoo Jaesuk, Park Myungsoo, Haha, Son Yejin, B1A4’s Baro and Jung Ilwoo arrived in Brazil on the 20th and were greeted at the airport in Brazil by fans. They are in Brazil to cheer for Korea during their World Cup match this Sunday against Algeria.

About 100 fans were at the airport to see the “Infinite Challenge” cheering team enter Brazil. The unexpected amount of fans at the airport temporarily paralyzed parts of the airport until officials were able to come and separate the fans. Afterwards, the “Infinite Challenge” members were seen greeting fans and signing autographs for them.


Korea’s second game will be in Portu Alegre on the 23rd, and the cheering team will return to South Korea on the 25th. Meanwhile, “Infinite Challenge” members Jeong Junha, Hongchul and Hyungdon already arrived in Brazil earlier in the week and were present to support Korea in their match on the 17th against Russia.

How do you think South Korea will fair against Algeria?

Source: Newsen

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[SNS] 210614’s Twitter Update


Original Post: @Jungilwoocom: 정일우 브라질 갔다고 밤늦게까지 밖에서 놀고 그러면 안 되는 거예요~ 오늘 저녁 6시 25분 무한도전 본방사수!

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