Send Letters And Gifts To Jung Il Woo

Want to send a letter or gift to Jung Il Woo? Here you go!  Good luck! ^^

But please, do not misbehave if you go to this place. Do not make him upset by your unappropriated behavior.

New address for sending letters or presents to Jung Il Woo 🙂


정일우 팬레터 주소_서울시 강남구 논현동 102-25 NK빌딩 5층 스타케이엔터테인먼트

Jung Il Woo’s fan-letter address: Star K Ent 102-25 NK building 5fl, Nonhyun-dong,Kangnam-Gu, SEOUL-KOREA (Post #135-820)



47 thoughts on “Send Letters And Gifts To Jung Il Woo

  1. rana ilwoo

    I Rana from Egypt and I Did you see your new series I love Opa

  2. rana ilwoo

    내가 이집트로 돌아와서하고 싶습니다

  3. Ilwoolovers

    Hi, i was about to send him a gift by DHL, but after a few days my gift was returned and it appeared because wrong address, can you give me the newest address? Thanks

  4. Ilwoolovers

    Thanks, have you ever sent it? And did he accept it?

  5. Thuyet

    Hi Jung Il Woo ! I admire you very much because you act very well and your behaviours are lovely . Happy and successful to you

  6. amir ali

    hi i from iran i love you im your real fans and i see all your drama all of them are great please come to iran

  7. Saranghaeyojungilwoo

    Sist mendingan kirim pake dhl ato ems sist?
    Bls y 🙂

  8. amir ali from iran

    دوست دارم ایل وو

    • sepide

      سلام آقای امیر علی من هم یکی از طرفدارای ایرانی جانگ ایل وو هستم . فکر نمی کردم که یه پسر طرفدار جانگ ایل وو باشه واقعا برام عجیب بود خوشحالم که تنها نیستم . با ارزوی موفقیت برای هردوی شما .راستی شما همون مدیر سایت زیر هستید؟

      just junkilwoo

  9. Thuyet

    Hi, Jung IL Woo ! I am Vietnamese . I admired you very much . I like your behaviour . I would like to see you in Tan An city , Viet Nam .Happy to you

  10. hai… i’m hairi from jakarta… is this really true, jung il woo fansclub address?? i want to send gift to his address for his birthday on sept 9’2012 later.. thank you:)

  11. kristina lumongga

    hai…i’m kristina from jakarta..i want to sent a gift to cha chi soo(jung il woo).but i don’t know the address..can you give me his address,please?? thankyou… 🙂 Gbu^^

  12. jane

    Hi I’m Jane from thailand First time I known you in High Kick and i became your fanclub.

  13. Hi I’m Arianne From Philippines!! first time i know you in 49 days and moon embracing the sub!! i beacme your No 1. Fan!! i have a request!! pls go to the philippines and i will go to your concert! pls Il woo

  14. This adress is correct? I have a gift from Paraguay!!!

  15. elizabeth

    hola soy de chile y me encanta jung il woo lastima que nunca lo conocere en persona 😦

  16. faby

    hola me encanta Il Woo sigo todo lo que hace , me parece el coreano con la sonrisa mas bella .

    • steph

      I’m from USA, I really like Jung il woo, how can I send cards and gifts to him, I’m from Chicago, best of luck to you Jung il woo

  17. sepide

    Hello,i from iran just i want to say : fighting Mr,jung and i wish you be healthey allways

  18. khinezin

    Oppa nomu nomu saranghae yo….

  19. Hi oppa. OMG you look so handsome! I from Indonesia. I hope we can meet sometime. Can you give me a 49 days’s CD? Just kidding… But if you can, thanks a lot….
    Saranghaeyo yeongwohi
    Be mine juseyo…..

  20. lily

    I recently finished watching your drama called 49 Days, and it was such an amazing drama. There were many touching scenes, however one of my favorite scene was when the Scheduler was able to meet his love Lee Kyung and spend one day doing what he wanted to do five years ago before he passed away.

  21. allodya

    im from hong kong..this is the real il woo ssi letter address?..thanks before

  22. quennie


  23. Ji Woo


    pourquoi dépenser des timbres quand on peux écrire ici ? 😀

  24. Jhenn Tabuena

    Jung I l Woo, Saranghae oppa, 😀 After watching “Flower Boys Ramyun Shop” I fell in love with your charms 🙂 Hope to see you in person :* By the way, I’m Jhenn, from Plippines. 🙂

  25. sharon

    Jung Il Woo, love your dramas especially “Flower Boys Ramyun Shop” made me laughed so hard , “Golden Rainbow” made me cried so much and “The Nightwatchman” is so exciting each episode. You first capture my heart when i watched moon embrace the sun.
    can’t wait to see you in your next project hopefully with Uee. Best Couple.
    Jung il Woo fighting!!! fighting !!! fighting !!! Greetings from Malaysia

  26. Divya Vasu

    Hi can i send him mail ? If so what is the mail id and will he reply back to my mail ?

  27. idoi i love you, and i also wanna become like u,please send me your digit number so that i will be able to hear your voice please

  28. sasha a pabon arce

    Hi Jung II woo,
    I just say big congratulation to you for 10 th anniversary. Also, I watched on DramaFever all of it. Well, I already love it. However, I wait new movie on 2017 soon. I would be watch that asap. Happy new year 2017 🙂 My name is Sasha and from Puerto Rico. Nice meet to you.. keep up your working and successfully the future. Yeah of course, I know you still work in the military. Wish good luck you!! 🙂

    • sasha a pabon arce

      If you might be joining the military on Dec 2016. Well, I hope so you will be all right and staying health 🙂 Also, I am deaf and can speaking spanish and english language.

  29. Anannya

    hey…am from India
    i totally love and adore u… ❤
    i hope that someday i might be lucky enough to get the opportunity to meet u…
    u r a fantastic actor and extremely gud-luking… ❤
    wish u gud luck wid ur lyf…and ur career.. ❤ 😀

  30. hmm sir i wish to become an actor like you, i really love your styles and attitude,you are really and i want you to lift me up also because i do write screenplays and i wish to shoot it out. BEST ACTOR!

  31. su su

    I’m Su, from Myanmar. Do you know Myanmar Country? Your my No.1
    Happy to Opa

  32. Lissabella

    Jung Il Woo you are good actor …you are so relaxed i loved your behaviour in my fair lady

  33. biggest fan

    You are the best Jung il woo sir 🙂

  34. 湖 没有 那么 就说 满野啦 哦 捷途 顽童 头 撒盐 他哈他 i咯册 有人 首位 啊 赐你的热辣 爱你的他和否认看你i个很特殊 哦他说 赛欧 阿妈子女宫 哦 哇推出 哦他 阿拉蕾 泰国人提嚒 浓雾.

  35. We are doing a Cowparade in Mexico City .. we would love Him to participate … where do we send the invitation thanks

  36. Sarah

    So how can I send him gifts??

  37. Oppa jung Il-woo, have always admire you and I wish one day we shall meet and also wanna tell you that everything is in God’s hands, and gonna be ok if you believe in God for miracle. Love you oppa

  38. Tasha

    Hi I’m Tasha you biggest fan. Love watching you in your movies and series. Would love to speak to you and get to know you. You are handome and very charming. Hart of gold. Love you personality and you smiles. Hope to hear from you soon
    Lots of love 😁

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