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Hi ilwoo’s fans,

If you got any questions or enquiries, kindly post your question at comment box below, we will answer you as soon as possible.


you can contact us via


JungilwooID Twitter:

JungilwooID Facebook:

GO ~ GO ~ GO ~ NOW!!~ ^-^


6 thoughts on “Ask Us

  1. amir ali

    please jung il woos biography.

  2. can jung il woo be my boyfriend? haha JK, but i want it very much! nice fanbase ^^

  3. Natalie

    admin ^^ annyeong i’m Natalie can we invite IL Woo to visi and held a fanmeet in Indonesia ? perhaps we can talk bout this ^^ if u dont mind to talk bout this reach me by twitter @ak_natalie … gomapsumnida

  4. Shella

    Dear admin, admin tahu alamat email management Jung Il Woo? Kalau tahu, boleh minta tidak? Gomawo~ ^^

  5. guys, tell me, where can I buy tickets to the 3 may?

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