Jung Il Woo’s Facts

10 Interesting things about Jung Il Woo, do you know ? Here are a few facts you may not know about him.

1. Jung did not plan to study acting. He wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a television news anchorman, so he studied broadcasting at the Seoul Institute of the Arts, before transferring to the Theater and Film Department of Hanyang University.

2. He’s secretly a member of F4. Well, not really but he pals around with two actors who played F4 members in “Boys Over Flowers.” He went to high school with Lee Min Ho, who played Goo Jun Pyo, and is good friends with actor Kim Beom, who played So Yi Jung. In high school, Jung Il Woo and Lee Min Ho were part of a group of good-looking guys not unlike F4.

In 2006, the two friends were in a car accident that resulted in serious injuries.

“We’ve known each other since we were kids,” said Jung of Lee Min Ho. “But then we were in a life-and-death situation together, so now we’re friends who’ve hovered close to the afterlife together.”

Jung refers to Kim Beom, his “Unstoppable High Kick” co-star as being like a younger brother.

“When I was having rough times, he was there for me, and when he had troubles, I was there for him,” said Jung. “We’ve known each other for five years now. We sometimes go to each other’s houses and hang out, and we go to saunas together too. He’s a really dear friend to me.”

3. Jung Il Woo is really frank, whether he is talking about ratings, something most actors claim they don’t care about, or his dating style. He admits that he likes to say what he feels but that doesn’t mean some of his statements don’t embarrass him.

“When I am in a relationship I tend to get passionate fast, then cool down fast,” he said when asked about his dating style. “But my relationships and dating style do change every year. I wish I could take back what I said before.”

4. Although he kayaked and hiked on the show “One More Time: Ready Action,” his own hobbies are not so action oriented. He likes to watch films and write online reviews, go shopping and hang out with friends.

5. His favorite foods are cake and satay, although his favorite breakfast food is traditional doenjang soup with tofu and vegetables.

“My mother cooks it deliciously,” said Jung. “If my future wife doesn’t know how to cook, it I can teach her.”

While his female fans may be pleased to learn that no kitchen skills are required for the real-life role of Jung Il Woo’s wife, he says he has no plans to marry until he is 30.

6. Previously serious car accident caused Il Woo unconscious on the spot, wrist fracture, bleeding in the brain, spinal trauma, pelvis fracture, memory loss. Even till now a part of his memory is still not back.

7. Talking about memories of his first love, he just laughed. Asked him whether he remembered or not ? He poured that it’s a pretty little girl who studied in the same class with him. In addition to that, he never says anything more. He just smiles and laughs, does he remember or not? ( Certainly he remembers only thing she’s pretty and studies in the same class with him ^^).

8. Il Woo has never recognized him as a handsome boy. He considers Won Bin as the really handsome man.

9. During filming from Flower boys of Ramyun shop to The moon that embraces the Sun, he had no more than 5 hours to sleep on average. Even he stayed up late at night during cold Korean winter and continued to eat noodles. He really scared that he would become exhausted, and his solution is to buy ginseng, herbs to nourish himself.

10. Jung Il Woo name in Chinese is Nhat Vu Dinh, ( & Nhất Đinh Vũ in Vietnamese). It’s the name he selects , it is virtually irrelevant to the meaning of the name Jung Il Woo. Woo said that, his name, which is named by his father, is a special combination of western and Korean . Because when his father was young, he was influenced a lot by multiculture in the world, so he named it the hybrid name, not standard Korean. When IlWoo went to school , he also wondered with a lot of questions about his Western style name. “Il Woo” truly has the meaning for a special elite person gathering all the most beautiful things & the most wonderful things in this world . His father named like that with the hope that Woo can achieve the best things & succeed in his life when growing up. Woo said: “I’m like now probably thanks to what he named me . I am always grateful about that. Thank you, my father!”

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One thought on “Jung Il Woo’s Facts

  1. Ji Woo


    Effectivement on aurais jamais crue “Jung Il Woo”, “Lee Min Ho” & “Kim Bum” fessant l’école ensemble 🙂 c’est super, et sur tout de les savoir amis. Dommage pour leurs accident et super qu’ils sois remis et en bonne santé, quand à sa mémoire je pense qu’elle reviendra avec de la patiente et de l’attente 🙂 tout du moins je l’espère 🙂

    Pour la beauté entre Won Bin et Jung Ij Woo, je trouve leur beauté bien différente je trouve que Jung Il Woo est bien, 10 fois NON 20, 30 fois plus beau :D.

    Merci pour les infos 🙂

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