[Tutorial] Watch “신데렐라와 네 명의 기사” (Cinderella and Four Knights)” Live on tvN


Air time: Friday & Saturday at 23:00 KST

What time is it in Seoul? Use this World Time Map and Clock to find out.

Here’s how to watch the drama live.

A. Stream live through your laptop :




B. For those who would like to stream live through your mobile:


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[Tutorial] How to stream MBC drama 황금무지개 (Golden Rainbow) live

Air time: Saturday & Sunday at 21:55 KST

What time is it in Seoul? Use this World Time Map and Clock to find out.

Here’s how to watch the drama live.

A. Stream live through your laptop :

1. http://www.kodhit.com/mbc-online

2. http://www.shiting5.com/tv/mbc.html

3. http://www.fengyunzhibo.com/tv/17803_1373717457866-qon14p47.htm

4. http://55556.com/tv/2023/


5. Register at MBC’s website (Guide: http://unityofaprince.com/english/tutorials/how-to-register-at-the-mbc-website/). Log in, then go to the link ~> http://vodmall.imbc.com/player/onair.aspx

B. For those who would like to stream live through your mobile:

1) Register at MBC’s website

2) Download the app “MBC TV”


Download the app “DaeguMBC”

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[Tutorial] Vote for Jung Il Woo in Mnet Star Poll: “Who is the Ultimate Flower Boy?”

Vote here: http://global.mnet.com/star/poll/result.m?poll_seq=53 Voting is from Jan 22 – Jan 29.

In order to vote, you must be registered.  Registration is simple and is in English.

Follow Mnet’s instructions.


Once you’re registered and signed in, please go back to this page http://global.mnet.com/star/poll/result.m?poll_seq=53. Scroll down and click “Poll List”.

Then you will direct to the page like this and click “Vote”


Give your vote to Jung Il Woo by select the ‘dot’ on the right of ilwoo’s picture. Then click the “Vote” to complete your vote.


If your vote is completed successfully, the following sentence will show up.


You can vote only ONCE per day.

However you can register more than 1 account and vote using different accounts in the same day.

Source: Mnet


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[Tutorial] Vote Jungilwoo Indonesia at MNET 2012 KPOP FAN-CLUB AWARDS

ilwoo fans~ please support us with vote Jungilwoo Indonesia at MNET 2012 KPOP FAN-CLUB AWARDS.


This is where MNET rewards fansites that have shown support to their  idols.

We are competing against NUMEROUS KPOP FANSITES (wordpress,facebook,blogspots, etc). But hey, it wouldn’t hurt to try! Our blog is cool too, ya know?

Now, to get Jungilwoo Indonesia to win the prizes, we really need your help! I think the 100-200 CD prizes will be a really cool thing to win so we can use it for giveaways!


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[Tutorial] How to vote for Jung Il Woo on MBC Drama Awards 2012

Actor Jung Il Woo is nominated for his role as Prince Yang Myung for 2012 MBC The Most Popular Actor Best acting award of the year. Ilwoo desperately need your full support through voting.

Please show him your support and appreciation for his sincere hard work.

Miracle doesn’t happen miracaliously as it await you to be part of it!!!!

Let’s Act now!!!

2012 MBC the best acting award for the most popular actor and actress of the year

Vote for your favourite actor and actress:   http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/ent/event/2012mbc/popular/

If you already have membership on MBC, please vote direct as follows:

1. After getting into the voting site as showed below


2. Login with your membership name and password by select the one circled in red on the top of the page.

It will take you to the login page as follow, then type in your login name and password.


4. Scroll down to find Ilwoo’s picture, select the “dot” below Ilwoo’s picture
And one of the actress on the right with her corresponding “dot”.

Then click the “purple” button at the bottom of the page to complete your vote.


If your vote is completed successfully, the following sentence will show up.



When you didn’t choose any actor/actress, this message will pop up to reminda0018

This is the message will pop up, if you already voted once/day. You can vote again tomorrow.


This is the message will pop up when our IP is 3 times to vote….


Each member ID allow to vote once daily, and each IP allow 3 different member ID to vote.
So if you have iPad, smartphone and computer, you can make max of 3 votes daily.

MBC Membership Registration Procedure

Register MBC membership on:  http://member.imbc.com/user/join.html

1. On the registration page, select “Foreign Living Aboard” on the right bottom coner.


2. Select the following option to agree all the terms and regulations, then click the “purple” button on the left to continue.


3. Then, it will take you to the page for personal detail. After fill in your name, it will ask for your ID and a window pop up to check if you ID can be used.

If the ID name is fine to use, you can select the purple button to continue. Then continue to fill in all the other information as stated, instructions are in English.

After fill in all the required information, click the “purple” button to continue.




4. After submit your information, the following page will show up indicate you have completed the registration. Click the purple button in the middle will take you back to MBC Home page where you can now login with your new membership ID.


5. On the home page, select the following to login with your new member ID.


After login, your name will show up on the top part of the home page.


Now you can go to the voting page: http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/ent/event/2012mbc/popular/

And following the voting procedure list above at the beginning of this post.

Please feel free to repost this instructions to your site so more Ilwoo fans can help in votes!!

We desperately need your full participation to make Ilwoo top of the event!!!!


repost from http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_9ecdeb8101015brn.html

edited by @JungilwooID

Take out with FULL CREDIT

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[Tutorial] Daftar akun di website resmi Jung Il Woo

Jung Il Woo baru saja membuka website resmi miliknya di www.jungilwoo.com pada tanggal 30  agustus 2012.

Di website ini nantinya, info terbaru tentang Jung Il Woo akan selalu di-update, seperti berita, foto & video, event serta kalian dapat menuliskan pesan kalian untuk Jung Il Woo ( di menu “Community” ~> “Freeboard” ) ataupun meninggalkan pertanyaan mengenai Jung Il Woo ( di menu “Community” ~> “Q&A” ). Hal tersebut dapat kalian lakukan dengan sebelumnya mendaftar akun di website www.jungilwoo.com terlebih dahulu.

Pendaftaran akun di website ini sangat mudah karena pendaftarannya dalam bahasa inggris. namun bagi yang belum mengerti, bisa mengikuti langkah-langkah berikut ini:

1. Buka dan masuk ke alamat www.jungilwoo.com

2. Klik “Join” di kiri atas halaman site. Lihat gambar dibawah ini.

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