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[NEWS – STARCAST] Curious of Jung il woo’s mind! Investigating his mind with psychological inspection

Actors that should express various lives by taking different roles in every piece they take! There is no time to rest for stars that have tight schedules and get public’s attention. If they focus on their roles in the drama, they say they don’t have much chance to look back at themselves…. Then how would they feel actually? Jung il woo who is showing off his various charms and all-killing MBC ‘The Night Watchman’! We release the psychological inspection journal of him!

After debuting with ‘Unstoppable High Kick’ in 2006, there wasn’t much time to look back at me until meeting ‘The Night Watchman’ in 2014. I decided to take a psychological inspection in order to look inside me such as to know ‘what kind of person I am and what I really like’. This psychological inspection was strongly recommended by an acquaintance, but I wanted to hear what my mind says through a professional. It is so called ‘Can you hear my heart?’

When explaining myself simply… I like to be alone. I like to be spontaneous and sometimes hear that I’m twofold since I’m too cautious. I get stressed by myself since I have greed in acting. I’m quiet and introvert when there are no schedules. But sometimes people around me thought I was strange since my funny and bright side were expressed through ‘Unstoppable High Kick’ and ’49 Days’. LOL. Was I really good at acting then?

Before the psychological inspection, I started to tell my story first to the counselor. The hardest thing for me recently was getting immersed in the new character of ‘The Night Watchman’ without enough break time after finishing ‘Golden Rainbow’. Also I had to manage schedule all night long everyday while shooting ‘The Night Watchman’ for 3 months. I talked naturally at this place too like as if when talking about where you’re hurt when talking to the doctor at the hospital.
I was so earnest with ‘The Night Watchman’ since it could be the last drama I would be appearing in my 20’s.  I felt so uneasy and nervous. I asked about advices from seniors and acquaintances of how I could act better. Shall we talk about the earnest psychological inspection by stopping my stories until here?

The earnest counseling time with psychologist Oh Ji Hee~
I felt so arranged and comforted by just telling my stories to the psychologist that would be embarrassing if I tell them to my family. It felt strange~.

Psychologist, what inspection do I take first?

Ms. Oh: I will run 3 tests in order to know about you although you don’t need special inspection. We’re going to carry out HTP picture inspection which is well known the most. It may read your mind though pictures of house, tree, and tree. They we will know about your internal conflict, fantasy, and feeling through MMPI personality test and SCT sentence completion test. I hope it would become an opportunity for you to know about your various aspects!

I didn’t expect to draw a picture by coming to get a psychology consultation. I drew ‘house, tree and people’ earnestly too!

What if my results come out bad when I don’t draw well? I was so worried about everything. But I should do what I have to do although I’m embarrassed, right?

What is the result? I will release it at the last~ so read this until the end! (Heart pounding~)

After the picture inspection was over, I started sentence completion inspection!
I heard it was just a simple inspection of completing incomplete sentences. But I became serious and laughed while I wrote the answers down by myself by getting to know about me. “Yes, right!” “I have thought like that”~

We release Jung il woo’s SCT questions slightly~
What I want is to (become better, and improve)
Our family is (a harmonious family) compared to other families.
My mother is the (greatest woman among those that I know of).

My psychology can be read when I write what I think? It’s amazing~!
The person that I like the most is (my family).
If I become young again (I’m still young now).
There is much affection expressed toward my family. I think I feel more precious about my family since I have started life in society quicker than my friends by debuting at young age. It would be because I’m a type of person who relieves stress by spending time with family.

I took the MMPI next! I had more than 500 questions but the most memorable question was ‘Are you always happy?’. I felt that I’m really happy and get great love when I read the question at that short moment.

After finishing the inspection, we heard about ‘the result of Jung il woo’s psychology inspection’ from the psychologist Oh Ji Hee. I thought I was the one who knew me the most, but I felt I was meeting another person.

Ms. Oh: You have big interest in art in accordance with your job and have an eye for beauty. Since your feminine interest for art is higher than your masculine hobby, you have sharp perception and sensitive. But you have good interpersonal relations due to your sociable personality. You match well with the leader role among people since you have ability to perceive and logical personality.
I acknowledge myself about pretty things, exhibition, and interior designs… But I have abilities of a leader and to perceive?… Shall I show my abilities more by doing my best?

Ms. Oh: You have characteristic of giving stress by yourself since you’re strict to yourself than other external factors. (Laughter) And you have big curiosity and personality of being good at imagining and expressing.
That’s right! It’s amazing that you know that I’m the type who rethinks about my mistakes while getting over other’s easily since I like to do things by my own from 1 to 10.

Ms. Oh: It seems that you’re very tired now by looking at the picture inspection, but you can overcome this with your personality although you get stressed by preparing your drama. You seem to behave optimistically and bright to others excessively, but this is done due to caring others first. So you feel more safe and comfortable with your family who knows you well. It is good to show the real you sometimes although you’re a considerate person.
Since Jung il woo is a person with bright and optimistic personality, his results were good as anticipated. But he didn’t have much time to relax since he is busy these days. Please spend your time with various hobbies actively when you don’t shoot. That would ‘heal’ you sufficiently.

 The most big harvest and ‘healing’ thing was that I spent happy moment of looking back of myself rather than just being healed through the psychology inspection.

Also one more thing, I thought I was totally immersed in my role of the drama but I got the opportunity to know that I didn’t know about myself well. I hope the healing of my mind would be conveyed to ‘Lee Rin’ of the drama who is just alike me causing me to spilling my affection toward him. Let’s do well until the last, Lee Rin!

What’s your ‘healing’ energy? Is it…me?
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[Official Photo] 190814 Jung Il Woo as Lee Rin in “Journal of Night Watchman”

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