‘A Diary of Night Watchman’ Jung YoonHo – Jung IlWoo Shares ‘Thank You’ Photo

MBC '야경꾼 일지' / photo = Remong Rain

The four lead characters from a drama <A Diary of Night Watchman> expressed their gratitude to its viewers.

The first episode of the drama ranked #1 viewer rate among the same time slot drama and became the king of Monday-Tuesday drama. The four lead characters shared their adorable ‘thank you’ selfie.

In the revealed photo, ‘Jung Brothers’ Jung YoonHo and Jung Il Woo are giving off handsome smiles to melt female fans’ heart away. Jung Il Woo is posing with v fingers and Jung YoonHo is totally immersed in his role ‘Moo Suk’ who is a cold-hearted military officer.

Moreover, the female lead Go Sung Hui and Seo Yae Ji’s ‘twin pose’ are grabbing our attention.

<A Diary of Night Watchman> is about an exorcist in Josun dynasty which airs through MBC on Monday and Tuesday at 10pm.

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Did you know Jung Il Woo’s Mom designed his costume?

Jung Il Woo currently stars in the historical supernatural comedy The Night Watchman’s Journal, and in this week’s past episode, he donned a lovely pink floral hanbok. It’s a beautiful design that reflects the character of Lee Rin / Prince Wolgang so perfectly: carefree and delicate. And confident – Jung rocks the pink shade well.

But did you know that his mother designed it herself?!

Jung Il Woo’s mother is the famed Shim Youn Ok, who was the chief of the Textiles Research Lab at Korea University. She’s a renowned Korean culture expert, and her deftness with the loom is no joke. She gladly offered her unique designs to be used for the costumes in the drama. Jung paid a surprise visit to her studio one day and saw her working hard at his floral hanbok. He even took a whack at the loom himself!

The beautiful hanbok appears in episodes four and five of The Night Watchman’s Journal. I have to admit that costume was quite memorable, and now it is more special knowing that it was specially crafted by a mother for her son.

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Jung Il-woo’s Stunning Hanbok Was Made by His Mother!

140819 조선 최고의 ‘패셔니스타’ 정일우, 남다른 한복 자태 비결 공개!_2

Jung Il-woo is appearing in MBC’s Monday-Tuesday drama ‘The Night Watchman’ as a prince ‘Irin’ who is a fashion leader of Joseon era. To our surprise, his Hanbok (Korean traditional costume) was designed by his mother.

The Hanbok with the beautiful colors and flower patterns that Jung Il-woo wore in the drama was made by his mother Shim Youn-ok, an authority of fabrics of the nation. She made it with her utmost sincerity.

140819 조선 최고의 ‘패셔니스타’ 정일우, 남다른 한복 자태 비결 공개!_4

Shim Youn-ok is carefully working on fabrics. 

When Shim Youn-ok saw his son worrying about hanbok he would wear in the drama, she gladly told him that she would give fabrics to make Hanbok for him.

Meanwhile, Jung Il-woo also visited his mother when he heard that she was working on fabrics in a school in Buyeo.

140819 조선 최고의 ‘패셔니스타’ 정일우, 남다른 한복 자태 비결 공개!_3

Jung Il-woo seems to be touched by fabrics which is full of his mother’s best wishes

Jung Il-woo appeared in a beautiful red Dopo (Korean full-dress attire) which was made of his mother’s fabrics in the 4th and 5th episodes. People were mesmerized by the beautiful colors.

Meanwhile, prince ‘Irin’ was imprisoned by prince ‘Kisan’ because of Sadam’s evil tricks. Viewers are now wondering how the relationship between brother prince ‘Irin’ and ‘Kisan’ will go after this incident. MBC’s Monday-Tuesday drama ‘The Night Watchman’ will air its 6th episode at 10:00 p.m. on August 19.

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What~? Secret of ‘The Night Watchman’ Jung il woo’s flower robe that you would get startled!

Jung il woo is showing more developed acting ability through ‘The Night Watchman’! The most eye-catching thing was his costume besides his acting ability. Jung il woo is digesting the antique sensible Hanbok (Korean traditional clothes) smart as his modifier of ‘Joseon Dynasty fashionista’! The surprising thing is that the Hanbok in ‘The Night Watchman’ is made by his mother… Shall we see the mother and son’s fashion sense?

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′The Night Watchman′s Journal′ Keeps It Up While ′Trot Lovers′ Fights with ′Temptation′

The ghosts are here to stay with MBC′s The Night Watchman′s Journal continuing its place on top.

The Night Watchman′s Journal rose 0.2 percent from its previous ratings of 10.8 to 11.0 percent. It was enough for the MBC drama to rank number one for Monday night.

The actual battle was between KBS′ Trot Lovers and SBS′ Temptation as they have been switching spots quite often since Temptation began.

For Monday night, Temptation took the win for second place with 8.6 percent, while Trot Lovers dropped to 7.3 percent.

[Ratings: Mon, 08.11.14] ′The Night Watchman′s Journal′ Keeps It Up While ′Trot Lovers′ Fights with ′Temptation′

Monday, August 11, 2014


1. MBC The Night Watchman′s Journal 11.0
2. SBS Temptation 8.6
3. KBS Trot Lovers 7.3


1. SBS Healing Camp 7.9
2. KBS Hello 6.1

*All ratings are based on AGB Nielsen Media Research

Source: Mwave

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Jung Il Woo and TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho Share Thoughts on ‘The Night Watchman’s Journal’

The Night Watchman’s Journal carried out a surprise interview with its adult cast members.

On August 11, MBC released the interview with The Night Watchman’s Journal’s adult cast members, Jung Il Woo, Ko Sung Hee, Jung Yunho and Seo Yea Ji, as well as Lee Joo Hwan PD.

About having ranked number one on viewership rating as soon as it was aired, Jung Il Woo said, “I was happy to see that we received a good rating for the first episode. The adult actors will appear starting with the third episode. I’ve been focusing on my acting in order to meet the expectation of the viewers. I’m hoping for better viewership ratings as we go forward.”

Ko Sung Hee said, “I’ve monitored up to the second episode. As I watched Choi Won Young sunbaenim’s great acting, I thought that’s what made our drama rank number one on viewership rating. I will focus on the drama in order to show good acting to meet the expectation of the viewers.”
Jung Il Woo and TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho Share Thoughts on ‘The Night Watchman’s Journal’

Jung Yunho said, “I’m happy that we had a good start. The filming site’s atmosphere has been positive and energetic. Not only the cast members but the director and the staff members have all been working hard in filming. The adult actors will begin appearing in the third episode. We will work hard to focus on our acting more in order to receive good results.”

Seo Yea Ji shared, “I was impressed by the CG work. I also think that interesting storyline and Choi Won Young sunbaenim’s acting in the first two episodes were what led to a good start. Please anticipate from now on.”

Source: Mwave

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