[News] Jung Il Woo Injures His Face at Drama Site Due to Bowstring

Jung Il Woo has injured his face while filming his drama.

Star K Entertainment, Jung Il Woo’s agency, revealed on October 20, “Jung Il Woo injured the area around his eyes while filming MBC’s The Night Watchman’s Journal last weekend.”

The agency rep explained, “He injured his face when he was filming the scene where he pulls the bowstring, which broke off. He got a cut about 3 centimeters long next to his eyebrow so he received emergency treatment right away to finish filming and received hospital treatment afterwards.”

The agency rep added, “The injury is not serious and he is currently attending the last filming session on October 20. He will also be attending the after party on October 21.”

Jung Il Woo Injures His Face at Drama Site Due to Bowstring

The Night Watchman’s Journal has two more episodes to air and will end with the 24th episode airing on October 21.

Meanwhile, Jung Il Woo will be launching his fan meeting in Korea titled IlWoo Together on November 22 in The K Art Hall, Yangjae-dong.

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[NEWS] Jung Il Woo to Launch First Fan Meeting in Korea in Three Years

With MBC’s The Night Watchman’s Journal coming to an end, Jung Il Woo will be launching his first fan meeting in Korea in three years.

The upcoming fan meeting has been organized in order for Jung Il Woo to return thanks to the fans, who have trusted and supported him for many years, and to present enjoyable memories through various corners.

Jung Il Woo reportedly planned out the fan meeting in detail in between his busy schedules of filming The Night Watchman’s Journal.

Jung Il Woo to Launch First Fan Meeting in Korea in Three Years

Jung Il Woo’s Korean fan meeting titled IlWoo Together will take place on November 22 in The K Art Hall, Yangjae-dong and the tickets will go on sales on October 21 through Interpark.

Meanwhile, The Night Watchman’s Journal has two more episodes to air and the 23rd episode will air on October 20 at 10 p.m. (KST).


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[STARCAST 20141003 ] Shocking! Jung il woo dates with his girlfriend at a shooting set secretly?

There is an old phrase ‘The beacon does not shine on its own base’… but dates at the shooting set secretly?!
Recently, brave entertainer Jung il woo was caught having a date at the shooting set by inviting his girlfriend~ We will investigate the incident based on five W’s and one H from now!

Jung il woo and his pretty 4 girlfriends!
4… 4?!
The whole story of the incident is as follows.
Do you remember the previous episode of Jung il woo ☞ [STARCAST] How Jung il woo attacks women’s heart, Preference-shooting date? The story of imagining date with Jung il woo~ The special event which was held with the imagination of saying ‘No~’ to it! We have drawn out ‘5 girlfriends’ for having a one-day date through ‘Real Date with Jung il woo’ (※ However, since it was hard for one winner who was an abroad fan to visit, we proceeded the date with 4 girlfriends.)
Do not misunderstand that you were deceived. ※Be aware of being thrilled and getting jealous
We release the one-day dating scene of Jung il woo and his girl friends

Jung il woo had thought over about drawing out winners and making plans for the date since the start of the event! My girlfriend’s schedule is precious. Ladies first~ He wanted to meet students and workers right away… but he had to decide the D-day on October 3rd!
Jung il woo: Did you eat meal? Who am I~? Do you have time on October 3rd? Then let’s meet on that day! I will send the details via email~ Please pick up your phone quickly. I’ve arranged what to say before making a phone call, but I’m nervous~
This real man who shouted out loud that he could do well showed off his clumsy charm by dropping his mobile phone since he was nervous. We wonder whether fans that got a phone call from Jung il woo knew he was nervous this much~

Jung il woo: LOL~ Please pick up the phone soon. I’ve arranged what to say before making a phone call, but I’m also nervous~ What if they say they can’t date with me?

Jung il woo: Our date is going to be done in top secret, so shush until that day~
This is the content which Jung il woo emphasized over and over again on the phone! He kept on thinking deeply until he chose the dating place… but since the concept of this date was being ‘real’ he decided on ‘The Night Watchman’ shooting set with the concept so called ‘My man’s business’ in the intention of inviting girlfriend to his workplace!
Jung il woo is a meticulous guy since he got satisfied after he sent confirming text messages following the invitation he sent via email to 4 girlfriends, considering them that they would forget since the speaker and listener were both nervous on the phone.
What, How, Why?

A black van appeared at the shooting set entrance of MBC ‘The Night Watchman’ placed in YongIn… There was Jung il woo inside the car when the window was rolled down. A special customized service for my girl,

Jung il woo: Hello. Hello! Welcome. Wasn’t it hard to come here? I’m Jung il woo. Let’s have an exciting date today.
Jung il woo: Please come inside the car~ Wait a moment, I’m not sure whether I’ve tidied the inside of the car!

Jung il woo: Have you all eaten breakfast? I’m familiar with you since I’ve heard your voice~

Jung il woo was a guy who knew women so~ well! He knows how timid actions make women get thrilled~ He’s a warm guy who tidied up the inside of the car since morning and picked up his girlfriends by saying that it’s a real date with his girlfriends, not fans! ‘Lee Rin’ who only wore Hanbok (Korean traditional clothes) wore normal clothes as a bonus. For who? For my girlfriend^_^V

Jung il woo: I will safely drive~ How am I today? I have been waiting for you guys after driving the van by myself in the purpose to surprise you guys since it’s our first meeting. LOL. Where did all of you guys come from? Came from somewhere far today?
I’m so glad to see you guys. I have to show you guys reversing the gear handsomely… but I will show that next time~^^

Jung il woo: Then come to this side! Oh, was I too quick? I have so many things to show today. I will show everything since my girlfriend has come to my workplace for the first time~^^

We thought he was a guy to show many things, but he visited a restaurant first with his girlfriends!
Jung il woo: In any situation, eating comes first~ The pride of the shooting set is the ‘The Night Watchman’s cafeteria! There is one thing that I’ve dreamt of when I get a girlfriend which is showing all the realistic sets of my workplace. The reality is not always that great as it seems like in the screen. Today’s date would make me show great images of me but that’s not the real me.
Jung il woo: Eating food together would make us get friendly quickly, right? I will give you delicious food, so please wait my girlfriends~♥

Jung il woo: Eat this too! This looks delicious~ Ask whatever you need by just sitting down!

Jung il woo: Let’s meet outside next time! I will buy you delicious food that time. You won’t hate me that I didn’t give you delicious food although you guys have come here today, right? ^^

Jung il woo: Isn’t it delicious, right? Do you like it? How’s the taste? Shall I fetch you something more? You know that my ideal type is a girl who’s good at chopsticks, right? I’m going to watch you guys~^^

The place where they arrived to enjoy their tea time after eating was Dohwadang, ‘Lee Rin’s house!  They are all chattering by drinking Americano in autumn wind that doesn’t match well~ How could he invite women in Lee Rin’s place where he lives with 3 ghosts? Those ghosts would get jealous if they see them but today’s a special day…!

Jung il woo: I wanted to prepare a present for today’s date, but I’m sorry that I only prepared this since I didn’t have time which is not an excuse. Macaroon which I like~ It would be sweet as my heart?! LOL

Jung il woo: I’m telling you the truth that fans are like my friend, family, and girlfriend. Since they love me continuously, I thought of what ways there are to reward their love every time.

Jung il woo: Actually, I’m so glad to spend time with you guys like this today and I’m so sorry that many other fans couldn’t be with us and that I cannot spend more time with you guys due to my shooting schedule… You’re not thinking that you wouldn’t like to meet a boyfriend like me in the future, right? I will do my best further on!

Jung il woo: Oh, Are you giving a present to me too? Wow, thank you.

Jung il woo: Since you guys are my girlfriend, you are all watching my drama on live, right? I’m curious of your responses~ but sad that you’re not telling me them well!

Jung il woo: Now, let’s go and see your boyfriend working after taking a photo at Dohwadang! The shooting has to be started~ so please monitor me~ let’s go go go go~

We could find Jung il woo focusing on his role more than usual! He should do better since not 1, 2 or 3, but 4 girlfriends are watching, right?

Jung il woo showed sparkling acting by putting away his mischievous elder or younger brother-like image of when he was dating. His girlfriends are gaping at his image.

Jung il woo showed exciting shooting scene by playing jokes with his staff and checked on his girlfriends by wondering whether they were doing well. His girlfriends responded with bright smiles at his smile that was shown from far away. How could this great and fresh lover image be shown….!

Jung il woo: How was I? Weren’t you bored? Did you like it? Do you think this scene would come out well?

This guy asks opinion right after his shooting is over without a pause and goes back to the couple mode. What can we do with those couples that are taking selfie?

What words can be said at this moment? Posing V altogether happily~

Jesus, what words can be said, they all say you’re a piece♪

Although shooting kept on after the sweet time, 4 girlfriends showed continuous cheers by understanding him with thoughtful mind. Their image of sending a look to each other in spare times seemed like a real lover~

Although it’s sad, it’s time to say goodbye… There’s another present prepared by Jung il woo which are flowers! It would be sad if flowers are left out from Jung il woo~

I am so thankful today

and welcome

and happy. I love you. Let’s meet next time again!
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[News] 25092014 STARCAST Jung Il Woo is preparing for a real date with the winner





















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[25092014] Jung Il Woo – #정일우on #LOOKTIQUE Magazine October Edition






#LOOKTIQUE Magazine 10월호 #정일우

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[NEWS – STARCAST] Curious of Jung il woo’s mind! Investigating his mind with psychological inspection

Actors that should express various lives by taking different roles in every piece they take! There is no time to rest for stars that have tight schedules and get public’s attention. If they focus on their roles in the drama, they say they don’t have much chance to look back at themselves…. Then how would they feel actually? Jung il woo who is showing off his various charms and all-killing MBC ‘The Night Watchman’! We release the psychological inspection journal of him!

After debuting with ‘Unstoppable High Kick’ in 2006, there wasn’t much time to look back at me until meeting ‘The Night Watchman’ in 2014. I decided to take a psychological inspection in order to look inside me such as to know ‘what kind of person I am and what I really like’. This psychological inspection was strongly recommended by an acquaintance, but I wanted to hear what my mind says through a professional. It is so called ‘Can you hear my heart?’

When explaining myself simply… I like to be alone. I like to be spontaneous and sometimes hear that I’m twofold since I’m too cautious. I get stressed by myself since I have greed in acting. I’m quiet and introvert when there are no schedules. But sometimes people around me thought I was strange since my funny and bright side were expressed through ‘Unstoppable High Kick’ and ’49 Days’. LOL. Was I really good at acting then?

Before the psychological inspection, I started to tell my story first to the counselor. The hardest thing for me recently was getting immersed in the new character of ‘The Night Watchman’ without enough break time after finishing ‘Golden Rainbow’. Also I had to manage schedule all night long everyday while shooting ‘The Night Watchman’ for 3 months. I talked naturally at this place too like as if when talking about where you’re hurt when talking to the doctor at the hospital.
I was so earnest with ‘The Night Watchman’ since it could be the last drama I would be appearing in my 20’s.  I felt so uneasy and nervous. I asked about advices from seniors and acquaintances of how I could act better. Shall we talk about the earnest psychological inspection by stopping my stories until here?

The earnest counseling time with psychologist Oh Ji Hee~
I felt so arranged and comforted by just telling my stories to the psychologist that would be embarrassing if I tell them to my family. It felt strange~.

Psychologist, what inspection do I take first?

Ms. Oh: I will run 3 tests in order to know about you although you don’t need special inspection. We’re going to carry out HTP picture inspection which is well known the most. It may read your mind though pictures of house, tree, and tree. They we will know about your internal conflict, fantasy, and feeling through MMPI personality test and SCT sentence completion test. I hope it would become an opportunity for you to know about your various aspects!

I didn’t expect to draw a picture by coming to get a psychology consultation. I drew ‘house, tree and people’ earnestly too!

What if my results come out bad when I don’t draw well? I was so worried about everything. But I should do what I have to do although I’m embarrassed, right?

What is the result? I will release it at the last~ so read this until the end! (Heart pounding~)

After the picture inspection was over, I started sentence completion inspection!
I heard it was just a simple inspection of completing incomplete sentences. But I became serious and laughed while I wrote the answers down by myself by getting to know about me. “Yes, right!” “I have thought like that”~

We release Jung il woo’s SCT questions slightly~
What I want is to (become better, and improve)
Our family is (a harmonious family) compared to other families.
My mother is the (greatest woman among those that I know of).

My psychology can be read when I write what I think? It’s amazing~!
The person that I like the most is (my family).
If I become young again (I’m still young now).
There is much affection expressed toward my family. I think I feel more precious about my family since I have started life in society quicker than my friends by debuting at young age. It would be because I’m a type of person who relieves stress by spending time with family.

I took the MMPI next! I had more than 500 questions but the most memorable question was ‘Are you always happy?’. I felt that I’m really happy and get great love when I read the question at that short moment.

After finishing the inspection, we heard about ‘the result of Jung il woo’s psychology inspection’ from the psychologist Oh Ji Hee. I thought I was the one who knew me the most, but I felt I was meeting another person.

Ms. Oh: You have big interest in art in accordance with your job and have an eye for beauty. Since your feminine interest for art is higher than your masculine hobby, you have sharp perception and sensitive. But you have good interpersonal relations due to your sociable personality. You match well with the leader role among people since you have ability to perceive and logical personality.
I acknowledge myself about pretty things, exhibition, and interior designs… But I have abilities of a leader and to perceive?… Shall I show my abilities more by doing my best?

Ms. Oh: You have characteristic of giving stress by yourself since you’re strict to yourself than other external factors. (Laughter) And you have big curiosity and personality of being good at imagining and expressing.
That’s right! It’s amazing that you know that I’m the type who rethinks about my mistakes while getting over other’s easily since I like to do things by my own from 1 to 10.

Ms. Oh: It seems that you’re very tired now by looking at the picture inspection, but you can overcome this with your personality although you get stressed by preparing your drama. You seem to behave optimistically and bright to others excessively, but this is done due to caring others first. So you feel more safe and comfortable with your family who knows you well. It is good to show the real you sometimes although you’re a considerate person.
Since Jung il woo is a person with bright and optimistic personality, his results were good as anticipated. But he didn’t have much time to relax since he is busy these days. Please spend your time with various hobbies actively when you don’t shoot. That would ‘heal’ you sufficiently.

 The most big harvest and ‘healing’ thing was that I spent happy moment of looking back of myself rather than just being healed through the psychology inspection.

Also one more thing, I thought I was totally immersed in my role of the drama but I got the opportunity to know that I didn’t know about myself well. I hope the healing of my mind would be conveyed to ‘Lee Rin’ of the drama who is just alike me causing me to spilling my affection toward him. Let’s do well until the last, Lee Rin!

What’s your ‘healing’ energy? Is it…me?
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