What~? Secret of ‘The Night Watchman’ Jung il woo’s flower robe that you would get startled!

Jung il woo is showing more developed acting ability through ‘The Night Watchman’! The most eye-catching thing was his costume besides his acting ability. Jung il woo is digesting the antique sensible Hanbok (Korean traditional clothes) smart as his modifier of ‘Joseon Dynasty fashionista’! The surprising thing is that the Hanbok in ‘The Night Watchman’ is made by his mother… Shall we see the mother and son’s fashion sense?

Hello, this is Jung il woo.
Are you all enjoying watching ‘The Night Watchman’? I’m busily managing my schedule after the broadcast, but I’m shooting it happily since you guys are giving me much interest and love. There were many people that regarded Lee Rin’s clothes positively after the 4th episode in last week. There were comments that I look beautiful (?) due to my clothes~ ^^;;

Especially the flower robe which could be said as the completeness of fashion in the drama~! This is the most favorite Hanbok. It is because the material of the Hanbok is made by my mother. What happened?!^^ Actually my mother is a professor of studies of tradition art craft in a university placed in Buyeo. When I decided to appear in ‘The Night Watchman’ and worried about the style of fashionista Lee RIn, my mother gave a Hanbok as a present in surprise! First, I didn’t know how much devotion she put in the present.

Although I ate dinner and talked in a café whenever I had time during my shooting and when I didn’t have schedules, I almost didn’t have chance to know about what my mother did. But I got curious when she decided to make the Hanbok material that I would wear.

This is a message that I got when I was exercising late in the night to lose weight before shooting ‘The Night Watchman’.
“Mother: Son, I weave threads one by one like this. Other fabrics are automatically woven in high speed so it can be woven several meters in one minute. But I wove 1 meter per day with handloom. Please know about this~”
That night, I exercised more hard while imagining the pretty clothes that my mother would make.^^

My tears came up when I thought of my mother’s devotion of making my clothes…^^;; My energy was charged with my mother’s cheers~! The next day, I went to the university in Buyeo where my mother stays.

I visited in surprise~! My mother was weaving the material without noticing I had come to Buyeo! I’m looking forward to it already~!

My mother said she is busy to complete the piece after getting surprised of my visit! I was amazed at her and gazed at her job marvelously. I was so proud to see her working when I gazed at her.

Actually, I spent much time alone when I was young since my mother worked. My mother always said she was sorry… So she waits for me until I come home even when I had late schedules. I was sad when I was young since I didn’t have much time with my mother… but my mother is so smart and brave than anyone when she works! She is my ideal type forever!^^

I spent much time to talk with my mother about what I think of ‘The Night Watchman’ Lee Rin’s clothes.

I looked at the tools (?) in curiosity for a while since it was my first time looking at it~

I tried to do what my mother did… but my mother seems worried in the picture. HaHa ^^;;;

I wore flower pants this day!^^ I’m making flower robe by wearing flower pants~

I wished to be more with my mother in the working room… but I had to leave for the shooting. I left my trace on my mother’s scissors before I left~ with the hope that the material would be finished soon~

After a week later, on the production presentation day of ‘The Night Watchman’! I was questioned about the clothes.
“Reporter: It’s your 3rd historical drama. How do you think about the comment that you fit nicely in the Hanbok?”
“Jung il woo: It’s embarrassing but Hanbok is a clothes which the line is so beautiful. I think I fit well since my line is also pretty.” I said thoughtless words, but my words contained pride toward my mother’s clothes. ^^

Finally, I wore the flower robe which my mother wove the thread one by one!! If you’re curious about it~~ please check it through ‘The Night Watchman’ today~ Please give much interest and love~
Source: Naver
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