The Still Photo of JungIl-woo and Jung Yoon-ho, They Finally Appear in the Drama ‘The Night Watchman!’

야경꾼 일지_깜찍 등장 예고샷 (1)

A still photo of 5 adult actors and actresses of MBC’s Monday-Tuesday drama ‘The Night Watchman’ has been released. They finally appear from 3rd episode, which will air on August 11.

‘The Night Watchman’ is a romantic and action drama that tells a story between people who deny ghost, people who want to manipulate ghost and people who try to defeat ghost.

야경꾼 일지_깜찍 등장 예고샷 (2)

In the photo, Jung Il-woo and Jung Yoon-ho are making ‘V’ with their fingers looking sideways. They look very playful, but still handsome even if they are having funny poses.

They also seem to be very confident in their characters.

‘The Night Watchman,’ which is attracting public attention with its unique story about exorcist of Joseon Dynasty era and with dazzling visual treat, airs its 3rd episode on August 11.

Source: getitk

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