Jung Il Woo and TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho Share Thoughts on ‘The Night Watchman’s Journal’

The Night Watchman’s Journal carried out a surprise interview with its adult cast members.

On August 11, MBC released the interview with The Night Watchman’s Journal’s adult cast members, Jung Il Woo, Ko Sung Hee, Jung Yunho and Seo Yea Ji, as well as Lee Joo Hwan PD.

About having ranked number one on viewership rating as soon as it was aired, Jung Il Woo said, “I was happy to see that we received a good rating for the first episode. The adult actors will appear starting with the third episode. I’ve been focusing on my acting in order to meet the expectation of the viewers. I’m hoping for better viewership ratings as we go forward.”

Ko Sung Hee said, “I’ve monitored up to the second episode. As I watched Choi Won Young sunbaenim’s great acting, I thought that’s what made our drama rank number one on viewership rating. I will focus on the drama in order to show good acting to meet the expectation of the viewers.”
Jung Il Woo and TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho Share Thoughts on ‘The Night Watchman’s Journal’

Jung Yunho said, “I’m happy that we had a good start. The filming site’s atmosphere has been positive and energetic. Not only the cast members but the director and the staff members have all been working hard in filming. The adult actors will begin appearing in the third episode. We will work hard to focus on our acting more in order to receive good results.”

Seo Yea Ji shared, “I was impressed by the CG work. I also think that interesting storyline and Choi Won Young sunbaenim’s acting in the first two episodes were what led to a good start. Please anticipate from now on.”

Source: Mwave

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