8-year-old Jung il woo★makes dream come true of buying own house?!

MBC’s ambitious work, ‘The Night Watchman’ has finally started. Adult actors are getting more expectation due to excellent performance of children actors! In the middle of it there is Jung il woo who has changed into Joseon Dynasty’s prince!
He had a good happening recently. He made his dream come true of getting a house at his age of 28. STARCAST exclusively releases Jung il woo’s love house! Shall we peep into his secret place?

But why am I looking at my notebook when I’m told to show my house? Tada~ This is! My special space <jungilwoo.com> which I prepared by myself for 2 months. You’re not thinking that you were deceived, right? ^^;; I will tell you the story of the homepage production which you may look forward to from now on!

Why did I make a homepage recently when I’m meeting fans through various SNS? The reason is that I, Jung il woo want to make a comfortable place for communicating with fans.

The word ‘picture is memory’ keeps touching my heart while I get older. I have posted my daily life in pictures often on SNS, but I felt 2% was not enough to quench the thirst of our fans. So I’m going to record every moment that I want to share with you guys even including my little happenings through <jungilwoo.com> homepage.

I experienced well this time that there are so many various homepages. With the thought of seeing much would become a great study, I started to look much! But the result came out that… I began to desire much since I became picky. I had a meeting with a homepage maker with my concepts and sketches. When I think of that time, I think we spent endless meeting time for more than 3 hours in order to explain the concepts and ask questions that I was curious about after making greeting at our first meeting. Since the concept came out~ I earnestly focused on the design!
And the next step was shooting pictures that would be posted on the homepage~
It was the first time for me planning things since the start although I have shot many pictorial magazine since my debut. I proceeded on things all by myself such as setting the picture concept, clothes, borrowing places with thrilled mind than any other time.

What was the standard of choosing the place? A comfortable place and where I wanted to share to you usually. Itaewon where I often go as the place to meet friends, a café, Daelim Contemporary Art Museum where I go whenever the exhibition changes, and Taean Beach where I wanted to share the place since the sand hill is so impressive~

I shot a picture at the café where I often go since I thought I had to surveying the venue previously.

I had a meeting with the photographer since early in the morning before shooting pictures.
As everyone does, I think I get to express myself well at familiar places and in front of a comfortable person. I slightly looked forward to the result before shooting pictures with the photographer who has been working with me several times.

I held a flower in my mouth which I bought at a flower shop which I often go in Itaewon Street.
I always have a flower picture whenever I shoot a picture. Is it because buying flowers at a flower shop where I regularly go is familiar to me since my mother likes flowers? I think I naturally head to a flower shop whenever I want to change the mood due the weather change.

My photographer caught the scene of me looking vacantly for a moment. -_-
Actually it hasn’t been long since I got to like outdoor shooting. It has been quite while that I could get familiar with it, but I get nervous of people’s eyes sometimes. But this time I looked at things vacantly by forgetting about the shooting since I had many staffs and felt comfortable.

I went up on the walls for shooting a smart picture.

I shot a picture with wide fixed eyes as a rabbit at the side of the wall who had scribbled on~
This is an image of me shooting a bizarre picture as if I could believe it’s an image of my usual life. Actually, 50% of pictures in my mobile phone is like this kind of pictures~

I gave different opinions by checking pictures I shot with the photographer in the break time.

And this picture! I asked to take a picture of me when I sat down accidentally by seeing cherries on the ground while I was moving to a different place. I think the charm of outdoor shooting is this. The charm of shooting various pictures according to the situation although there has been much prepared previously. Doesn’t it match with my clothes by chance?

And I moved to Daelim Contemporary Art Museum which is one of the places that I like the most. I visit the place whenever the exhibition changes. I spend joyful time when I see art pieces at the gallery without knowing time passing.
This is a picture taken outdoors of Daelim Contemporary Art Museum, and female staffs pick this as the best.

Since I had prepared much, the shooting didn’t end in a day. I shot again after several days! I visited the coastal dune at Sindu-ri, Taean-gun, Chungcheongnam-do with the thought of shooting at the sea.

I left trace of ‘Jung il woo has come’~
I cannot remember when it was the last time of me scribbling things like this. When I wrote my own name and I got to remember the memory of visiting the ocean with my family when I was young.

I took pictures in order to make you guys feel the sea vividly.
But why did I visit places only where I want to share?
Actually, I felt sad that there were not enough spaces where I could communicate with fans after my debut although I had thought about it. But since various places to communicate such as STARCAST has been formed, I got the chance to show the real Jung il woo that is not the character in dramas, my space, and my life style.
How was it? Do you feel that I have opened myself as the first promise that I made?

The homepage production team gathered after a month we had planned about the homepage and shot pictures for it. We had discussing time for the design by picking pictures and giving opinions about the plan altogether. Actually, it was a great time that I could meet people with various jobs while working together this time.

Because I got to know that there are many efforts and hard time of people making one homepage which I didn’t know when I was using it usually and slightly about fields that I didn’t know.

Memories of each moment are evoking while I’m writing <jungilwoo.com> production daily record that I proceeded for two months. Planner Mango who performed smart performance since the start and until the last of the homepage, photographer Kwon who shot every picture smartly although I had to change my clothes 15 times, and smart YourDev people who showed quick feedback to my detailed request such as ‘Can this be done? And that thing?’ in the small design and to the program! And also acquaintances that all brightly allowed me to use places when I asked for borrowing places. I will convey my deep gratitude by contacting you all through LINE ^^

The preparation of <jungilwoo.com> which will become ‘the link between you and me’ is finished.
I did the first release through STARCAST, and I’m going to release it at noon later to you guys. Please look forward to www.jungilwoo.com ~

Oh… I have a house…

But I don’t have a roommate to live with… I’m recruiting roommates~ “Will you be my roommate?”
Writing= Jung il woo
Picture = Jung il woo’s official homepage (jungilwoo.com)

Source: Starcast

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