‘The Night Watchman’ Jung il woo, new fashionista in Joseon Dynasty period

Jung il woo has changed his image in ‘The Night Watchman’ as an unique Joseon ‘bad exorcist’ Lee Rin and thrilling women. A picture of Jung il woo, who has started to hunt women’s heart this summer as a ‘ghost-seeing prince’, totally absorbed into ‘Lee Rin’ has been released.

MBC new Mon-Tue mini-series ‘The Night Watchman’ (Directed by Lee Joo Hwan, written by Yoo Dong Yoon, Bang Ji Young, produced by Raemong Raein), which is going to attract audiences with unique material of exorcist ‘the night watchman’ in Joseon Dynasty period, released Jung il woo’s character cut of ‘Lee Rin’ who is a prince able to see ghosts, on 16th.

Lee Rin is a ‘bad boy’ who catches women’s mind with unique fashion style and attractive appearance, but has unique wounds of growing up lonely by getting out of the palace although he is the legitimate heir. He is anticipated to attract women by being a unique ‘exorcist prince’ in Joseon Dynasty who sees ghosts and have own story kept in his mind.

Jung il woo’s complete change into Lee Rin is in the released photo. As the best bad boy in Joseon, he shows off his image of fashion sense by wearing superior Hanbok. It is raising expectation of what image Jung il woo would show in ‘The Night Watchman’ by caring on the fashion details such as emphasizing the white pure skin by wearing pale blue-green color robe which is patterned with flashy flowers, and flashy gat strings and accessories.

Eye sight gets fixed on Lee Rin’s eyes. He is stimulating curiosity with surprised eyes by seeing something and also attracting women by looking in the air with lonely-looking and living freely-looking eyes. He has also eye-caught people by expressing the inner side of Lee Rin with ‘fatal eyes’.

Jung il woo conveyed about the ‘exorcist prince’ Lee Rin character that he has taken by saying, “Lee Rin was charming since he is not only just a prince who sees ghosts but also a person who tries to communicate with ghosts that have sad heartbreaking stories. As an actor, I think it is luck to meet ‘Lee Rin’, who is a prince that overcomes fear and grows up by looking into people’s various emotions by having interest in the worldly affairs”.
He also added, “I have put much effort in the character not only to make good body shape since he is the generation’s icon and smart attractive man, but also examining him in order to express the feelings of the inner side wounds which differ from his chic image. Please give much interest and expectation”.

Meanwhile, ‘The Night Watchman’ is a fantasy romance action drama which cheerfully draws the story among three powers; one who unbelieves ghosts, one who tries to use ghosts, and one who tries to defeat ghosts.

‘The Night Watchman’, which is making headline with its unique material of ‘the night watchman’ and with its release of overwhelming visual image, is going to be first broadcasted on the coming 4th of August following MBC Mon-Tue special drama ‘Triangle’.

Credit: Star Cast

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