Jung Il Woo Gifts ‘The Night Watchman’s Journal’ Staff Members with Sneakers

Jung Il Woo brought special gifts for the drama staff members.

Currently acting as the protagonist ‘Lee Rin’ in MBC’s upcoming drama The Night Watchman’s Journal, Jung Il Woo recently gifted the staff with sneakers, cheering them up for filming through the hot weather.

It has been reported that the drama shoot frequently takes place at night as it centers around a story about ghosts. In order to show his support for the staff members who are working hard through day and night, Jung Il Woo decided to give out special gifts.

Checking the names and sizes of more than 100 people, Jung Il Woo touched the hearts of the staff by giving out each pair of sneakers himself as he thanked them for their hard work.

Jung Il Woo Gifts ‘The Night Watchman’s Journal’ Staff Members with Sneakers

An affiliate said, “Although we just began filming, everyone already became close to each other. We’ve been filming happily thanks to Jung Il Woo who kindly showed his consideration for the staff members. We were very touched by his sneaker gifts.”

Meanwhile, the first episode of The Night Watchman’s Journal is set to air on August 4.

Photo credit: StaMWave

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