“Journal of Night Watchmen” Jung Il Woo – Jung Yunho – Go Sung Hee – Seo Yeji – 4 Types of Posters with Respective Individuality

'야경꾼일지'의 공식포스터가 공개됐다 ⓒ MBC

The 1st poster is the complete version of the 4 leads which has been previously revealed as a teaser.

The 2nd poster, which contains the appearances of all 7 core characters, was shot with the palace, which is the pivotal place where chaos will ensue in the drama, as the background. The 7 actors all showed off their own characters with their respective different facial expressions and poses.

With even rain pouring down, the photoshoot for the poster which took place in the middle of the night deftly brought out the spooky atmosphere compatible with a drama with ghosts as its subject matter. Kim Sung Oh, who was waiting in a place without lighting in his Sadam get-up, suddenly appeared and even frightened the wits out of the staff who were passing by.

The 3rd poster contained the appearances of Jung Il Woo, Go Sung Hee, Jung Yunho, Yoon Tae Young and Jo Dal Hwan, the night watchmen in the drama who are setting off on their mission. On the top of the tiled roof, the looks of Jung Il Woo and Go Sung Hee who are showing off triumphant looks, Jung Yunho and Yoon Tae Young, whose charisma is overflowing, leaves an impression on people. Jo Dal Hwan showed off a comical pose and fun facial expression.

The 4th poster is the cheery comical version which shows off the humorous side of the drama. One can see the looks of Lee Rin, who can see ghosts, and the trio of ghosts who are always following him around, Ddong Minister, Song Eunuch and Rang-ie. The main highlight of this poster is the cute appearances of Ddong Minister and Song Eunuch.

A related personnel revealed, “Just from the 4 types of posters designed through the photoshoot which took place for 3 rounds and through the use of CG, one will be able to put together and see the various stories which will unfold in “Journal of Night Watchmen” in the future. During the photoshoot for the posters, the cast of “Journal of Night Watchmen” also showed off the individuality and concentration which they could not show in the filming of the drama, so the completeness of the posters was high”.

Trans by: @mug_ping

Source: Naver
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