High Expectation for Jung Il-woo, One More Time in Historical Drama!


The press release for MBC’s upcoming Monday-Tuesday drama ‘The Night Watchman’ was held at 63 building in

JungIl-woo, Jung Yoon-ho, Ko Sung-hee, Seo Ye-ji, Yoon Tae-young, Kim Sung-oh and Kim Heung-soo participated.Director Lee Joo-hwan and production staff members also took part in.

 JungIl-woo plays fatally charming Prince ‘Irin’ who sees ghost and attracts women in Joseon.

 JungIl-woo stated, “I heard about this drama from the early stage of production. I was very glad when I was cast in this drama regardless of ratings. I will do my best so that I don’t have any regrets.”

When asked why he was so desperate to appear in this drama, he said, “This drama is different from the conventional dramas I have seen so far. I also wanted to shoot young adult romance drama with actors and actresses of similar ages.”

When people said that he looked good on Hanbok (Korean traditional clothes), he stated with the humor, “I like the line of Hanbok. I have a great shape of body, too. I think this is why I look good on it.”

JungIl-woo also said, “I have shoot dramas only in winter for about 4 consecutive years. This is my first time to shoot in summer in four years. I gained weight in summer. So, I lost 5kg. Now, I am trying to maintain that weight.” He said he would take good care of my appearance as a fashion leader until this drama ends.


I had desire for this drama.

When asked harmony with other actors, he said “The name of character I played in the drama ‘Unstoppable High Kick’ was ‘Yoon-ho.’ So, I felt more familiar with Jung Yoon-ho. He is also very nice.”

Regarding ratings, he stated, “I don’t want to hold onto ratings. If I do my best, I won’t regret. My ultimate goal for this drama is showing great acting to people.”

Lastly, he appealed this drama saying, “This drama has diverse genres blended. This drama is perfect drama that people can fully enjoy in this summer.”

MBC’s new Monday-Tuesday drama, ‘The Night Watchman’ will air its first episode at 10 p.m. on August 4.

Credit: Getitk

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