“Come here, Lee Rin”, Joseon Dynasty fashionista ‘The Night Watchman’ Jung Il Woo’s Journal

Fashionista Jung il woo becomes the best handsome guy in Joseon?!
Recently, Jung il woo showed off his image of being a fashionista and became ‘the rich of pants’ by showing himself wearing 3 pants in one day through MBC Infinite Challenge. He prepares to attract women with the role of ‘Lee Rin’, who is an exorcist prince that sees ghosts, through ‘The Night Watchman’ which will be first broadcasted on 4th of August.
People who cannot sleep in the hot summer weather! Be with Jung il woo, ‘Lee Rin’ prince who sees ghosts. Jung il woo’s STARCAST!
Hello, I’m Jung il woo.
Jung il woo’s STARCAST has opened!
I will show my whole image through this place. I hope you give much interest to me. Will you be looking forward to this~?

I’m spending busy days in order to change into the exorcist prince ‘Lee Rin’ of the drama ‘The Night Watchman’, which has the first broadcast ahead on 4th of August. The thrill which I got by receiving the first synopsis is still vivid. I had the feeling of ‘Ah, I should not miss this one!’ by falling into the attractive character as I couldn’t put it down since the time I started to read it until the last.

Are you curious of who really exorcist prince ‘Lee Rin’ is? Lee Rin, who is going to keep your hearts up and down, is going to show smart fashion sense as the best handsome guy in Joseon. I have concerned much of how to get well known of being dressed up start in Joseon Dynasty.

I planned hard on a diet in order to become ‘Lee Rin’ prince who has deep loving gaze and vivid jaw line since the whole body is exposed through the HD picture tube recently, although I wanted to lose my rationality in front of delicious food by shouting out “diet starts from tomorrow!” Our fans who are malicious people than a trainer said, “Squid and Jung il woo are better when dried up”~

Shall I tell you about precise diet plan which Jung il woo prepared by himself~?!

Step.1 Eat nutritious food deliciously even though eating small amount

Step.2 Weight training for muscle strength improvement
Step.3 Pilates for Lee Rin’s body line, dreamer who wants to ‘all-kill women’

Starving for losing weight is never successful although I did it a lot before! I try to eat healthily since it is a diet combined with preparing the drama. Sense of eating with caring about the daily menu by shopping at the mart by myself~

You all know this moment of happiness with the thought of eating according to the diet plan after shopping from the mart, right? It is a short but sweet eating time which people who are on a diet would sympathize.

Maybe people around you are distracters of being on a diet than food. Manager and coordinator help me 24 hours whenever I’m on a diet for me (?). But why does it seem that they eat more delicious food when I’m on a diet? Why does my almond keeps on vanishing? It wouldn’t be observation which is disguised in help, right? LOL
(My staffs who always help me at my side, thank you always~ You know I’m kidding, right? Let’s go to a place with delicious food when I’m done with being on a diet!)

I want to unveil the special secret of losing weight but as everybody knows as the ‘standard of diet’, it is just controlling diet plan and exercise. As with exercise, I newly started Pilates with my continuous weight training!

I always exercise usually by making time~ I request slightly hard training by consulting with the trainer since it becomes my life in the diet period.

I’m a deep-thinking person so sometimes I get into deep thought unconsciously and hear a lot that I look vacant. But I feel good that I get ‘absorbed’ in only exercising when I’m doing it.

Starting stretching after drinking~

How do you like my exercising image?

Pilates which I’m recently into!
Pilates is an exercise which I started by chance. This is in a place which I registered by myself while walking the town one day. I think that I started this with vague curiosity when I was getting tired of the gym’s hard training. But I strongly recommend this to close acquaintances since it is good for making healthy body line.

So how did the result come out? Tada~ I successfully lost 5kg in 2 weeks!

‘Clothes-fitting’ is the important point of Joseon Dynasty fashionista, Lee Rin’s role~

Are you curious of the progress of changing into Lee Rin? These are the pictures of me, who promised to show all of myself, becoming ‘Lee Rin’!

This is the first day of me changing into ‘Lee Rin’. I have the happy memory of being thrilled with good feeling although I was nervous.

Tada- How do you like it?

“Come here, Lee Rin~”

Are you curious of what attractive role Lee Rin is? You would be fun watching the beautiful costumes through MBC ‘The Night Watchman’ which is going to be first broadcasted on 4th of August!
But! Real fashionista shouldn’t surrender to the hot weather, but I did!

(Panting) It’s really hot!

I’m really thankful every moment that I could work, but it is really hard to overcome the hotness. “Buy the heat~” “I will give you a kiss if you buy this heat. Chu!”….
But why do I look so excited?^^ It is because today is the day which I prepared surprising present before shooting the drama. Actually, before several days…

I ordered drama staffs’ shoes by visiting the market by myself! Shoes complete the fashion! I prepared shoes for staffs that would be with me for months in the hot summer since I know the joy of giving than receiving. I was keep smiling unconsciously in the thought of that the receiver would be happy.

It was so hard to know every staffs’ shoe size one by one to me who thinks “Present should be always given surprisingly~!” “Should I ask them naturally in the conversation or just ask them directly?”

Let’s cheer up so that our drama would head for the success since there is a word, ‘Good shoes lead to good places’!

How did you like slightly released Lee Rin’s image of MBC ‘The Night Watchman’? The only thing that I wish by writing the first posting on STARCAST is to get friendly with you guys. Did my mind convey to you? I hope you spend happy time through STARCAST.
You will look forward to the next episode, right~?

Are you curious of the next 2nd episode of Jung il woo’s STARCAST? The keyword is “Hello?”
I will come back with more exciting story. Please look forward to it, ladies~!
Credit: Star Cast

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