‘The Night Watchman’ cast and staff pray for a safe filming on set

The cast and staff of the upcoming MBC Mon-Tues drama ‘The Night Watchman‘ got together to pray for a safe filming!

On July 20, Jung Il Woo, TVXQ‘s Yunho, Go Sung Hee, Seo Ye Ji, Kim Heung Soo, Lee Jae Yong, Seo Yi Sook, Go Chang Suk, Lee Se Chang, Kang Ji Woo, Jo Dahl Hwan, Shim Eun Jin, and PD Lee Joo Hwan sent their prayers and warm wishes for a safe filming and success throughout the next five months for the 24-episode drama on set in Yongin, Gyeonggido.

Jung Il Woo shared, “Now it feels like it’s really starting. I will do my best with the director, staff, sunbaenims, and other actors to make a good production.”

‘The Night Watchman’ is a fantasy-romance drama that takes place during the Joseon Dynasty. The story revolves around Lee Rin (Jung Il Woo), who is the ‘night watchman’ who fights ghosts. Dal Shabet‘s Ahyoung is also starring in the drama.

‘The Night Watchman’ is set to premiere following ‘Triangle‘ on August 4!

Credit: Allkpop

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