′The Night Watchman′s Journal′ Releases Stills of Jung Il Woo, TVXQ′s Yunho and Seo Ye Ji

It′s almost time to say goodbye to Triangle, but The Night Watchman′s Journal′s coming up next with its all-star cast.

MBC The Night Watchman′s Journal′s production company released photos from the first shoot of the drama on July 23.

The photos show Jung Il Woo, Seo Ye Ji and TVXQ′s Yunho interacting with each other in their roles.

Jung Il Woo looks bright and humorous as he puts on the role of Lee Rin, a prince who can see ghosts.

In one photo, he′s even shown being tossed into the air with a big grin on his face after he succeeds at getting a piece of cloth from a woman′s hanbok jacket.

Another photo shows Soo Ryeon and Mu Seok staring into each other′s eyes. Soo Ryeon is the daughter of a renowned household in Joseon, and has a crush on Prince Lee Rin.

Mu Seok is her cousin, and also the prince′s bodyguard.

′The Night Watchman′s Journal′ Releases Stills of Jung Il Woo, TVXQ′s Yunho and Seo Ye Ji

A rep from the drama′s production company Raemong Raein said, “This is an important scene that shows the relationship between Lee Rin, Mu Seok and Soo Ryeon. Jung Il Woo, Jung Yunho and Seo Ye Ji boasted great teamwork even though it was their first shoot together.”

“We hope you continue to show your support for The Night Watchman′s Journal, as so many people are working hard for it,” the rep added.

The Night Watchman′s Journal will air as Triangle′s follow-up in its time slot from August 4.

Photo credit: Raemong Raein

Credit: Mwave

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