‘The Night Watchman’s Journal’ Releases Character Stills for Jung Il Woo and TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho

Jung Il Woo and TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho showed off contrasting charms.

MBC’s upcoming drama The Night Watchman’s Journal released its first character still cuts featuring Jung Il Woo, who will be acting as prince ‘Lee Rin’ who can see ghosts, and Yunho, who will be acting as Joseon’s best swordfighter ‘Mu Seok.’

‘Lee Rin’ is a prince who lives a lonely life outside the palace since childhood, even though he is born in the direct line of descent. Due to the fact that he can see ghosts, ‘Lee Rin’ hides his secret and pain from childhood with a smiling face and playful behavior.

After meeting ‘Do Ha’ (Go Sung Hee), ‘Lee Rin’ will be joining the team of ‘night watchers’ and transform into a prince that helps people get rid of ghosts.

Yunho will be acting as Joseon’s best swordfighter ‘Mu Seok,’ who is the only nephew of one of the most powerful man in Joseon. As prince Lee Rin’s body guard, ‘Mu Seok’ protects the prince but later competes with him for ‘Do Ha.’


Growing up with strict education, ‘Mu Seok’s priority is to protect Joseon as its swordfighter and doesn’t show any interest in women despite his popularity. But once he falls in love with ‘Do Ha,’ he will be showing his love by protecting her by her side.

The production company of The Night Watchman’s Journal Raemong Raein stated, “Jung Il Woo and Jung Yunho perfectly transformed into Lee Rin and Mu Seok, bringing out awes from the staff members. The staff members couldn’t help but to clap at the sight of two actors who showed off charismatic appearance at the filming site. Please show your anticipation for The Night Watchman’s Journal and the transformation that Jung Il Woo and Jung Yunho will be making.”

Meanwhile, The Night Watchman’s Journal is set to air on August 4.

Photo credit: Raemong Raein

Source: Mwave

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