Exorcist Jung Il-woo VS Cold Handsome Military Officer Jung Yoon-ho in ‘The Night Watchman’

야경꾼일지_정일우 정윤호 (1)

Still photos of Jung Il-woo and Jung Yoon-ho have been released for drama ‘The Night Watchman’.

MBC’s new drama ‘The Night Watchman’ will attract many viewers with the unique subject material, exorcist. The production team released still photos of the two actors on July 11. Jung Il-woo plays ‘yi Rin’, a prince who can see ghosts. Jung Yoon-ho plays ‘Moo Seok’, a militaty officer.

Jung Il-wo’s role Yi Rin is the son of Seon King. However, he leaves the palace as a young age and lives by himself. He covers his pains with his smile and playful attitude. What is interesting about him is that he can see ghosts.

야경꾼일지_정일우 정윤호 (2)

In the photo, Jung Yoon-ho wears official uniform. His character ‘Moo Seok’ is the best sword fighter in Joseon. He is a personal guard of prince ‘Yi Rin’ and also a rival trying to win ‘Doha’s mind.

‘Moo Seok’ has been educated strictly and popular to women. But he never gets interested in girls and is cold to women. He has a nickname called ‘ice handsome man’ as he always shows cold smiles to girls.

‘The Night Watchman’, set in Joseon, is a fantasy romance action drama about those who deny the existence of ghost, those who try to use ghosts and those who fight against ghosts. The stories happening between the three groups of people will be depicted interestingly in the new fantasy romance action drama.

‘The Night Watchman’ is the follow-up of MBC’s ‘Triangle’. The first episode will be aired on August 4.

Source: getitk,com

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