“Infinite Challenge” members receive warm welcome at airport in Brazil


The members of “Infinite Challenge” and their special guests have arrived safely in Brazil and were greeted warmly as they arrived at the airport!

Yoo Jaesuk, Park Myungsoo, Haha, Son Yejin, B1A4’s Baro and Jung Ilwoo arrived in Brazil on the 20th and were greeted at the airport in Brazil by fans. They are in Brazil to cheer for Korea during their World Cup match this Sunday against Algeria.

About 100 fans were at the airport to see the “Infinite Challenge” cheering team enter Brazil. The unexpected amount of fans at the airport temporarily paralyzed parts of the airport until officials were able to come and separate the fans. Afterwards, the “Infinite Challenge” members were seen greeting fans and signing autographs for them.


Korea’s second game will be in Portu Alegre on the 23rd, and the cheering team will return to South Korea on the 25th. Meanwhile, “Infinite Challenge” members Jeong Junha, Hongchul and Hyungdon already arrived in Brazil earlier in the week and were present to support Korea in their match on the 17th against Russia.

How do you think South Korea will fair against Algeria?

Source: Newsen

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