Romantic Guy Jung Il-woo Held Successful Fan Meeting Event in Japan


Actor Jung Il-woo held a successful fan meeting event in Japan.

The events were held in Osaka and Tokyo in June 7th and 8th with the participations of almost 2,500 fans. Jung Il-woo acted like a romantic guy approaching down to the fans and handing over roses in the beginning of the events.

Jung Il-woo went up to stage to officially say hi to Japanese fans. While he told the fans about what he has been doing these days the making film of ‘Golden Rainbow’ was played. Fans asked his body sizes and other interesting questions during the ‘Things we want to know about Jung Il-woo’. He gave the perfume to the fan who said the correct message about Jung Il-woo’s favorite perfume, fueling the exciting mood.

정일우팬미팅4Being known as a coffee mania, Jung Il-woo made hand drip coffee for fans who wanted to taste his coffee. Those who were chosen went up to stage to drink Jung Il-woo’s coffee.

Japanese fans had asked questions about Jung Il-woo on his fan community before the fan meetings. Jung il-woo answered the selected questions and gave them presents. The competition to win the ‘Rock scissors and paper’ game was especially fiercer as the winner could receive one of Jung Il-woo’s possessions.

As the fan meeting went towards the end, the fans felt sorry about it. Jung Wil-woo sang a sweet song to console the fans. He moved down to the audience to make it easy for fans sitting far from the stage to take pictures together during the photo time before the finale of the events.

정일우팬미팅1Jung Il-woo said, “Thank you for making me feel happy for the past 2 days. Every time I finish fan meetings I feel sorry that I could not show more. I will try hard to show you new sides of Jung Il-woo next time.”

Jung Il-woo will appear on ‘Infinite Challenge Cheerleading Squad’, a special program produced for Brazil World Cup on June. He will also start shooting MBC’s new drama ‘The Night Watchman’ main actor to play ‘Yi-rin’.


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