K-Drama Actors Who Play Angels

Padam Padam

In the upcoming drama “High School: Love On” 13-year-old actress Kim Sae Ron will play a cheerful angel named Lee Seul Bi.

Lee Seul Bi saves the life of a male student in the 20-episode fantasy romantic drama. Her good deed is rewarded by a chance to live as a human being. Her co-stars in the drama are Infinite’s Lee Seungyeol, playing the cold but secretly sensitive Hwang Sungyeol and his fellow Infinite member Woohyun. For Infinite fans, her role could be seen as a heavenly opportunity.

Kim Sae Ron is not the first k-drama actor to play an angel Kim Bum and Jung Il Woo have also taken angelic roles.In  “Padam, Padam: The Sound of His and Her Heartbeats,” Kim Bum plays Lee Gook Soo. His character may seem like a petty thug but he’s really an angel assigned to save the life of Jung Woo Sung’s character. At first no one believes the scrappy Lee Gook Soo is really an angel and viewers may even think he is delusional. But eventually he sprouts a magnificent pair of wings and does some soaring. Kim Bum goes a good job of showing just how insecure an angel might be when failing to intervene against the darker side of human nature.

In “49 Days” Jung Il Woo plays an angel of death known as “The Scheduler.” He is assigned to Shin Ji Hyun, played by Nam Gyu Ri. She thought she was loved and lived a happy life before being involved in an accident and winding up in a coma. Jung Il Woo’s Scheduler” gives her 49 days to find three people who really love her and win another chance at life. He doesn’t have wings in this drama but takes Nam Gyu Ri to plenty of celestial gardens.

Angels are also seen briefly in “You’re Beautiful” when the novice nun in disguise played by Park Shin Hye is trapped in the male locker room where she has to confront undressed singers and dancers.

The upset nun-in-training has a vision of her Mother Superior. That vision tells to her think of the undressed men as the angelic cherubs she sees painted on church walls. And so she does, seeing them as tiny angels. That might be made easier by the fact that the undressed singers are members of a heavenly band called AN*.JELL. Their fans wear wings to express their devotion.

Source: kdramastars

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