Actor Jung Il Woo To Hold Japan Fan Meeting With 2,500 Fans On June 7-8

Actor Jung Il Woo To Hold Japan Fan Meeting With 2,500 Fans On June 7-8

Actor Jung Il Woo has been getting the spotlight as of late with his new drama role and his growing popularity outside of Korea.

It was announced on May 2 that Jung will be holding a fan meeting in Japan on June 7 and 8. He will be heading to Japan on June 5 in order to prepare for the upcoming meeting.

He will first hold his fan meeting in Osaka on June 7 and meet with 1,000 fans. Jung will then continue on to Tokyo on June 8 and meet with 1,500 fans.

Last month, Jung Il Woo visited Jakarta, Indonesia and held a fan meeting there as well. Numerous local fans gathered at the shopping mall Jung was at to greet him with applause.

Korean dramas have been growing more and more popular amongst local audiences in Indonesia. The drama “Golden Rainbow,” which recently ended, is about to be aired in Indonesia, which means that the Jung’s popularity is set to skyrocket in the near future, according to Yahoo Entertainment Singapore.

The actor will be playing Lee Rin, who has the ability to see ghosts, on MBC’s new Monday -Tuesday drama “The Night Watchman.” He will be acting alongside idol member Yunho of TVXQ.

Through the course of the drama, Lee Rin will mature as he gets rid of the ghosts that are lurking and experiences how his people live.

“I’ve decided to take on the male lead role of ‘The Night Watchman.’ The ‘Night Watchman’ role that I’ve never seen in other dramas appealed to me,” stated the actor, according to Allkpop.

He added, “It’s my first time playing a character like this, so I’m nervous, but I’m looking forward to it even more, so I’ll be able to show a different side of me. Please anticipate it.”

Jung will also be traveling to Brazil with the members of “Infinite Challenge” as part of the cheer team this June.

Source: kpopstarz

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