Which Leading Actress Did Jung Il Woo Like Kissing Best?

Jung Il Woo

Jung Il Woo has had some lovely and endearing leading ladies, but which one did he like kissing best? Who does he think he had the best chemistry with?

The actor recently confessed his favorite kiss scene in a televised interview and the answer may surprise some viewers.

He’s had memorable k-drama kissing scenes in Iljimae,” “Flower Boy Ramen Shop” and most recently “Golden Rainbow.”

In “Flower Boy Ramen Shop,” he was supposed to fiercely kissed Lee Chung Ah and then spirit her away on his motorcycle. But he kissed her so fiercely that it actually cut her lip and she complained.

“I started seeing stars while kissing,” said Lee Chung Ah. “I could taste the blood, but because the cameras were rolling, I didn’t stop filming, but afterwards, I saw that blood was running down my teeth.”

In his most recent drama, “Golden Rainbow,” his kisses made his co-star Uee feel so flustered that she could not look at him after the scene was over.

When they were interviewed she bragged that they did their most intense kissing scene in one take. But he chimed in to say that he remembered her wanting to kiss some more.

When later interviewed about that kiss scene, he said it was the first time he filmed a kissing scene with a younger partner.

“So I was pressured to lead the scene,” he said. “But it was enjoyable.”

Many fans ranked that “Golden Rainbow” kiss as one of the best k-drama kisses ever.

And yet neither actress was his favorite to kiss.

For that distinction he looks back to his role as an angel of death in the drama “49 Days.” And the kiss he thinks had the best chemistry took place with actress Lee Yo Won, who played the unhappy Song Yi Kyung in “49 Days.”

In that drama, Jung Il Woo is known as The Scheduler. He used to be Lee Yo Won’s boyfriend when he was alive. And the drama flashes back to when they courted and kissed.

“The chemistry with Lee Yo Won noona was the best,” he said on “Section TV Entertainment Relay.”

And what about poor Uee, who he just finished kissing in “Golden Rainbow?”

While he had nothing further to say about her kissing, he did compliment her drinking skills, saying she drank soju very well.

What is his ideal type?

He prefers girls who are wise rather than girls who are pretty. And he thinks that a girl who knows how to use chopsticks is charming.

Source: Kdramastars

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