Jung Il Woo Says the Gap Period Became His Flesh and Blood

After taking a year and six months off, Jung Il Woo made a successful comeback through MBC’s Golden Rainbow.

During the press conference for Golden Rainbow, Jung Il Woo mentioned, “One of the most difficult times for an actor is the gap period.”

In a recent interview with Newsen, Jung Il Woo talked about his gap period saying, “There were some difficult things I went through. But I think those things became my blood and flesh. They also show in my acting without me realizing. People say actors need many different experiences and I think that’s true.”

“As I age, my acting is becoming more mature and stable,” said the actor. “But that doesn’t mean that I purposely want to cause pain for myself.”

[Interview] Jung Il Woo Says the Gap Period Became His Flesh and Blood

Having kept himself busy during the gap period, Jung Il Woo recently graduated from Hanyang University.

He said, “Hanyang University didn’t go easy on me. From writing reports to working on a graduation project, filming a short movie and spending two weeks in the library to study… But they were fun experiences. I came to see many things that I missed by talking with the students and colleagues who are not in the entertainment industry. I was happy to go back to the life as a student. I thought I would be a college student forever but now I’m a graduate. I want hurry and go on to graduate school,” and laghed.

Jung Il Woo recently joined MBC Infinity Challenge as a member of the cheering squad and is also preparing for a fan meeting. He said, “I think I will select my next project before July. I will be keeping myself busy this year.”

When asked if there is any character and genre he would like to take on, he said, “I just plan to do my best whichever project I work on. It’s stressful to make a decision on what I want to do. I want to be more relaxed when I work so I decided to let go of things. I will be doing my best at whatever is given to me.”

Photo credit: StarK Entertainment

Source : Mwave

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