[INFO] Jung Il Woo is nominated in the Excellence Awards for MBC Drama Awards


MBC has released the list of nominees for the top acting awards for 2013 MBC Drama Awards. As usual, MBC categorizes their dramas into three categories: mini-series, special production and serial drama.

and our Ilwoo is nominated in the Excellence Awards (Special Production) for 2013 MBC Drama Awards. His co-worker in Golden Rainbow, UEE got nominated in Excellence Awards as well

2013 MBC Drama Awards will be held on 30 December 2013 starting from 8.50PM KST.

And here are the nominees for Excellence Actors & Actresses:

Excellence Actors – Miniseries:

– Lee Jun Ki (Two Weeks)

– Joo Won (Level 7 Civil Servant)

– Ju Ji Hoon (Medical Top Team)

Excellence Actresses – Miniseries:

– Kim So Yeon (Two Weeks)

– Park Ha Sun (Two Weeks)

– Shin Se Kyung (When A Man Loves)

– Lee Yeon Hee (Gu Family Book)

Excellence Actors – Special Production Drama:

– Park Sang Min (Scandal)

– Lee Sang Yoon (Goddess of Fire)

– Jung Il Woo (Golden Rainbow)

– Ji Chang Wook (Empress Ki)

Excellence Actresses – Special Production Drama:

– Kim Kyu Ri (Scandal)

– Uee (Golden Rainbow)

– Jo Yoon Hee (Scandal)

Excellence Actors – Special Drama:

– Nam Goong Min (Gu Am Heo Joon)

– Yun Jung Hoon (I Summon You Gold)

– Jo Hyun Jae  (King’s Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang)

– Jin Tae Hyun (Hold My Hand)

Excellence Actresses – Special Drama:

– Park Si Eun (Hold My Hand)

– Seo Woo  (King’s Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang)

– Seo Hyun Jin (King’s Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang)

– Hong Soo Hyun (Will You Love and Give it Away)

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