The Arrival Of Uee And Jung Il Woo Helps Boost “Golden Rainbow” Ratings

Uee and Jung Il Woo

The 50-episode drama Golden Rainbow has been running since Nov. 2nd with ratings between 10.7 and 13.2 percent but this weekend’s developments have given the ratings a boost.

“Golden Rainbow” is the story of seven orphans who are not related by birth but become a family after they are taken in by a man who also grew up as an orphan. Among the children he adopts is Kim Baek Won, the baby daughter of his first love.

The November episodes were devoted to the back-story with a young cast of actors playing the younger versions of the characters.

But now the story has fast-forwarded to the present. The characters are all grown up and that means the adult actors in the drama have appeared. In recent episodes viewers met grown-up Kim Baek Won, a traffic cop, played by After School’s Uee and the dapper prosecutor Seo Do Young, played by Jung Il Woo.

It may have been more than the appearance of the popular actors that boosted ratings. Viewers knew in advance that during a weekend episode Uee’s character was going to peform a pole dance. It was skill the actress acquired while performing with the group After School.  And in that episode Uee did appear in a red dress, danced on a pole, then, since she is a police officer, she rushed off to chase criminals. The ratings for that episode reached 14.9 percent, the show’s highest ratings yet.

Whether it was the pole dance or the popular adult actors that boosted ratings, more viewers are now tuning in.

It also helps that Uee, who previously appeared in “Jeon Woo Chi,” “You’re Beautiful” and “Ojakgryo Family” has already been praised for her acting in “Golden Rainbow.” It’s not the first time she earned praise for her acting as she previously won the Best Rookie Actress award and a Baeksang Awards Best New Drama Actress for her performance in “Ojakgyo Family.”

Jung Il Woo is a popular actor too, having demonstrated his acting talents in the successful dramas “The Moon Embracing The Sun” and “Flower Boy Ramen Shop.”

In the most recent episodes of “Golden Rainbow,” Jung Il Woo’s character helped Uee collar what he at first thought was someone guilty of a traffic violation. When he learned that she was in fact pursuing a serial killer, he became even more interested in her.

The drama also stars Cha Ye Ryun and Lee Jae Yoon.

Kang Dae Sun is the drama’s director.

Source: kdramastars


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