‘Golden Rainbow’, the highest viewing rate… Yoo-Yi, Jung Il-Woo effect

‘Golden Rainbow’, the highest viewing rate… Yoo-Yi, Jung Il-Woo effect
MBC weekend drama ‘Golden Rainbow’ established the highest viewing rate, as Yoo-Yi and Jung Il-Woo made appearances.

According to the viewing rate investigating company Nielson Korea, ‘Golden Rainbow’ broadcast on last 8th, recorded the national viewing rate 14.9%. This is the number that has gone up by little, from 13.7%, which was the record from the broadcast on last 7th. It recorded the highest viewing rate, and is about to have the viewing rate 15%. It beat the competing drama broadcast at the same time, and maintained the first rank position. SBS weekend drama ‘Woman getting married for third time’ recorded 10.3%, the number 4.6% less than that of ‘Golden Rainbow’.

On this day, in ‘Golden Rainbow’, including Yoo-Yi, Jung Il-Woo, the adult actors such as Lee Jae-Yoon, Cha Ye-Ryeon, etc made actual appearances, and gained interest. Particularly, Yoo-Yi made impressive, powerful first appearance and captivated attention. Baek Won (played by Yoo-Yi), who has become the police. got herself falsely employed in the club run by the drug dealer, and seduced the criminal with the sexy dance. As Baek Won arrested the drug dealer, she enabled her future activities to be looked forward to.

Baek Won (played by Yoo-Yi) met Seo Do-Young (played by Jung Il-Woo) again, after becoming an adult, but they didn’t recognized each other, and the malicious relationship has begun. [사진=MBC]

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