UEE and Jung Il-woo begin script rehearsals for Gold Rainbow

It’s pretty crazy that Gold Rainbow has such a long childhood segment that leads UEE and Jung Il-woo are just now starting script reads for the drama that’s been on the air for weeks, but at least we know they’re coming soon. Not that Kim Yoo-jung and Oh Jae-mu aren’t suuuuuper adorable together, but you kind of want to get to the part where they’re old enough for kisses.


I’ve been casually watching the show, and most of the parental drama is ridiculous and over-the-top (there are birth secrets galore, a company takeover plot, and WAY too many shouty adults in this universe), but the brood of orphans with adoptive father Kim Sang-joong are really sweet. It’s great to watch Kim Sang-joong play a genuinely good-hearted father since he usually plays villains with such aplomb, and his daddy-daughter relationship with Kim Yoo-jung is especially winning. I pretty much only watch for her scenes with Dad or Oh Jae-mu and tune out the rest.

Hopefully the adult cast changeover will mean more screen time for the two lead characters overall, which I wouldn’t mind in the least. They include second leads Lee Jae-yoon and Cha Ye-ryun as UEE’s older brother and sister, and new addition Lee Ji-hoon (You’re the Best, Lee Soon-shin, School 2013) as her younger brother with the twin sister. The rest of the siblings are actually yet to be cast. Their younger counterparts will stick around for another two weeks, and UEE and Jung Il-woo are set to appear in Episode 12.

Gold Rainbow airs Saturdays and Sundays on MBC.

Via SBS E!, Joy News

Credit: dramabeans

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