UEE’s Interview mentioning Jung Il Woo

MBC’s new drama series [Golden Rainbow] starts broadcasting every Sat & Sun 21:55. The story is about 7 siblings whose fates are entangled.

Here is the interview with Uee at the press conference. (Read the full interview here)

Q. The other members of ‘Afterschool’ could be envious of your acting. Are they?
A. Yes, of course they are. However among the members, there are many actor Jung Il-woo’s fans. They say they will come to the shooting location which they have not done before when I was acting in other dramas.

Q. What is actor Jung Il-woo’s charm?
A. The first time I have seen him was during the script reading. He was very attractive and I liked it that he was very tall. I thought I could wear high heels at the press conference. Only at the press conference though, because my character, Baek-won, is not the type to wear high heels. And I was very happy to hear people saying that we look good together.

Q. Is there any Jung Il-woo’s previous character that you like?
A. I think he looks better with light characters than the serious ones. His character Do-young in this drama is the light one and I think this character is really becoming to him.

Source: MBC Global

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