Interview with Jung Il Woo at Golden Rainbow Press Conference

MBC’s new drama [Golden Rainbow], the story of seven brothers and sisters who encounter under one fate, is broadcasting from November 2nd, every Sat & Sun 21:55.

Here is the interview with Jung Il-woo during the press conference.

Q. The previous dramas of this time slot recorded high rating. Do you have any resolution for the rating with your new drama?
A. It is always better not to expect too much when it comes to the rating. I did feel good when my previous drama [Moon Embracing the Sun]’s rating was high. But again I think it is better not to talk about the rating. All I can do is to do my best for acting and staying in harmony with the staff on the location while shooting.

Q. You worked with Kim Yoo-jung in [Moon Embracing the Sun] and you meet her again for [Golden Rainbow].
A. When we were together doing [Moon Embracing the Sun], our schedules were different that we hardly met while shooting. But in this [Golden Rainbow], even when the grown-up episodes start, our schedules meet for the flashback scenes. I am very happy to work with her again.

Q. Child actor Oh Jae-moo is acting your character’s childhood. What do you think of his acting?
A. I have not met him yet but I have heard a lot about him. I also heard that the atmosphere was very good when the children actors and actresses were shooting on the location. I will have to put more effort in my acting.

Q. How about some pledges for the rating record?
A. If the rating records 25% or higher, I will treat all the staffs a nice meal and invite my fans to the shooting location.

Q. [Moon Embracing the Sun]’s children actors and actresses earned good reputations. [Golden Rainbow] also starts with children actors and actresses. It is any stress to you?
A. No stress. It is rather helpful because I could see where I should start my character. I could take consideration of how the children actor is directed by the director and I can use it to improve my acting.

Q. What made you accept this drama and your role?
A. Other than MBC sitcom [High Kick], I have not done a long series drama. I want to step up for my acting career through [Golden Rainbow].

Q. Have you seen any of Uee’s previous dramas? Did you like any of her characters?
A. She always acts with a bright energy and I think it is her strength. Baek-won, her character in this drama, is also a bright one and I am sure that she is expected to show her best.

Q. In your previous dramas, you have fallen in love with elder ladies but in [Golden Rainbow], you fall for the one of your age. How do you feel?
A. When I was in my 20s, I have been led by elderly partner actresses but now it is my turn for the leading. The age gap between Uee and me is not so big and I think we could get along well.

Q. What kind of character is ‘Do-young’?
A. Do-young is a duplex character. By meeting Baek-won, he is given a chance to discover himself, heals himself and he grows up.

Q. Is it then similar to Yang-myung, your character in your pervious drama [Moon Embracing the Sun]?
A. Because Yang-myung was a prince in a costume drama, there was a limitation to the expression. However [Golden Rainbow] being the modern drama, I have a wider range to fully express my character.

Q. All other actors and actresses are the professional ones who have made good success in their previous dramas. Are you confident with it?
A. Yes, I am really confident. But at the same time, it also has a sense of burden. Including Uee and other children actors and actresses, I really feel happy to have a chance to work with the stars I have been wanting to act with since my earliest time of debut. I have first met actress Park Won-sook when I was a highschool student. She happened to shoot her drama in my neighborhood then. I can not forget how kind she was when I had a small chance to talk with her. So I have been thinking that I wanted to see her again when I start my acting career. Actor Jo Min-ki gave me a camera as a present congratulating that I have successfully finished [High Kick] and he has bought me drinks many times. I have been respecting him and I am so glad that he is acting my father in [Golden Rainbow].

Q. What is the key points to enjoy [Golden Rainbow]?
A. As the title of the drama is [Golden Rainbow], the drama is abundant with interesting stories of seven siblings and the drama will give you a good chance to reflect the true meaning of a family. And you should not miss my love story.

Q. You are coming back to the drama after a long while. How do you feel about it?
A. Actually it has not been long since my debut but I feel the hardest moment for an actor is when he is resting. However while I was resting, I have traveled a lot, I went to the school and graduated it… I am very happy with my accomplishment. Acting is my lifetime career and I am not impatient. Rather than being hasty, I would like to learn one by one to step up.

Source: MBC Global Media

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