Jung Il Woo and Other Alumni Donate Scholarship to Hanyang University

Jung Il Woo and Other Alumni Donate Scholarship to Hanyang University

Former Hanyang University students turned celebrities are giving back to their schools by donating scholarships towards students’ education.

On November 7, celebrities gathered to hold an agreement ceremony in announcing the start of “The Elder’s Love for Junior Colleagues Scholarship.” The celebrities in particular, however, were also former students of the university under the Theater and Cinema department. The scholarship focuses around Theater and Cinema professor Choi Hyung In, and stemmed to celebrities Park Mi Sun, Hong Suk Chan, Sul Kyung Gyul, and Jung Il Woo.


A representative of Hanyang University commented, “Professor Choi and the four celebrities will annually schedule 10 million won (roughly 9,400 USD) for five years to construct a total of 250 million won (roughly 235,000USD) in scholarships to help financially struggling and talented students. Also with the addition of alumnus celebrities, we hope to have relay donation that will construct a 500 million won (roughly 470,000 USD).”

On this day, Professor Choi expressed, “Through this agreement ceremony I hope that the culture of celebrity elders donating towards their loving junior colleagues will grow,” defining the scholarships as a means to a higher education for students.

Source: Soompi

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