Jung Il Woo is cast in a new drama, titled Golden Rainbow, with Uee

ung Ilwoo joined the cast of MBC’s new weekend drama series Golden Rainbow in a lead role. On October 14, Mayqueen Pictures, the production company, confirmed that Jung Ilwoo had been cast in an adult lead role for the series.

Golden Rainbow is about seven orphans who live close together as if they were real brothers and sisters pulling though the hardships of their lives. It will take the slot of Scandal – A Shocking And Immoral Incident, which is currently running.


Jung will play Do Young, who lives like a stranger with his father and stepmother and becomes a prosecutor. Do Young is in love with Bae Won, played by Uee, who is the big sister of seven siblings.


An official of the production company says, “We were very careful in choosing the actor to play the lead because the role is crucially important to the story line. We have high expectations of him because he’s popular and is a good actor.”


Such well-known teenage actors as Kim Yujung, Oh Jaemoo, Seo Youngjoo, and Song Yujung have also been cast as well as such adult actors as Kim Sangjoong, Do Jiwon, Jo Mingi, Park Wonsook, An Naesang, and Ji Soowon. The series begins airing on November 2.

Source: Starnews

Credia: Korea.com







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