[130918] Jung Il Woo’s 15th Message on Official Website

반가워 추석! Korean Thanksgiving Day~*

안녕? 정일우닷컴 여러분!?
알밤이 터지는 소리가 들리는 계절, 벼가 익어가는 황금들녘이 있는 한가위랍니다~
송편도 빚고 전도 부치고 맛있는 음식이 가~득한 추석..
오랜만에 긴~~ 명절이라서 여러분 행복하시죠?? 그런데.. 난 살찌면 어쩌죠?;;;
나는… 조금만 먹을 테니까.. 정닷컴 여러분은 많이 먹기!!!
그리고 … 추석 연휴 동안은 잠~시 내 생각 안 해도 넓은 마음으로 이해해줄 테니까
오랜만에 만난 친척분들과 재밌는 이야기도 나누고 즐겁게 시간 보내고 오세요^^
참… 해마다 맞이하는 추석이긴 한데 매번 마음가짐이 다른 것 같아요.
나이를 먹어서일까요? ㅋㅋ미안!
아마도, 여러분과 함께 하는 이 시간이 항상 새롭고 더욱 풍성하기 때문이 아닐까 싶어요.
올해의 추석은 더욱 더 좋은 날이 되길 바라며…!

ps.추석 즐겁게 보내시고~ 보름달 보며서 소원 빌 떄 …내 소원도 하나씩 빌어주면 더 좋고!!! ^^


[English Trans]

Nice to meet you Chuseok! Korean Thanksgiving Day~*

Hello~ jungilwoo.com fans~
It is mid-autumn season where you can hear the popping sound and see the rice plants in an open field has turned into golden field.

Chuseok is when you make rice-cakes and then cook it; the time when you can see a lot of delicious food..

It’s been a while~~ Since it’s holidays, all of you are happy right?? But..if i gain some weight, what should i do? I will eat a bit more, so jungilwoo.com fans eat a bit more too!!

During Chuseok holidays, if it’s me, i don’t have to think, even for a moment, with an open heart, come and visit your relatives that you haven’t met for a long time, have a good time together and share some interesting stories with them ^^

Anyways..Every year when Chuseok comes, every time we change our intention. Does it mean we’re getting old? keke I’m sorry!

If possible, i want to think that there will always be a lot of time that i can spend with fans.

In celebration of Chuseok this year, I pray for a better day..!

ps. Have a nice Chuseok~ When you see the full moon, make a wish..My wish is i hope i could be more lucky! ^^

Source: http://www.jungilwoo.com/b/?p=2498

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