[Photos] Jung Il Woo’s 27th Birthday Party with Fans Part 2

어느날 갑자기 정일우를 만나다! 이벤트 현장사진2

정일우 배우님이 정닷컴 팬 여러분을 위해 준비한 느낌 있는 이벤트!

어느날 갑자기 정일우를 만나다…! 300명 중 선발된 9명과의 특별했던 그 현장

두 번째 이벤트 현장사진을 공개합니다

[English Trans]

Actor Jung Ilwoo has prepared special event for jungilwoo.com fans!

The day we met Jung Ilwoo…! From 300 people, 9 people selected to be on scene (to meet Jung Ilwoo in person).

The pictures from the event part 2 revealed now.

[ID Trans]

Hari ketika tiba-tiba kami bertemu Jung Il Woo! Foto-foto dari acara

Aktor Jung Il Woo sudah mempersiapkan acara spesial untuk para penggemar jungilwoo.com

Hari ketika tiba-tiba kami bertemu Jung Il Woo…! dari 300 orang, 9 orang terpilih (untuk bertemu Jung Il Woo secara langsung).

Foto-foto dari acara part 2 akan terungkap sekarang.

Source: http://www.jungilwoo.com/b/?p=2460

English translated by

Indonesian translated by @JungilwooID



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