[24/08/2013] Jung Il Woo’s Twitter Update

~님들 덕분에 잘 맞췄어요. 이제 한국으로 고고!! ^______^

[English Trans] ~Thanks to all your support! I am now returning to Korea! Go~ Go~!! ^______^

[ID Trans] ~Terima kasih untuk support kalian semua! Aku sekarang kembali ke Korea! Go~ Go! ^______^


@smilwoo 「사랑합니다. 나의 히메들… 여러분의 마음 잘 간직하고 갑니다… 」(愛してます、私の姫たち。皆さんの心を持って帰ります。)

[English Trans] I love you! My dear princesses. I am going back taking with all your heart with me.

[ID Trans] Aku cinta kalian! Para putri tercintaku, Aku akan kembali membawa cinta kalian semua denganku.

오늘도 밤새야될것같아요^^ 아 설레인다~! love latter ~~^^

English translated by

Indonesian translated by @JungilwooID


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