[21/05/2013] Jung Il Woo’s Twitter Update

@krungy21 @ActorJungilwoo 한양대 짱이다……………………..!!!!!!!! 대박!!!

[Eng Trans] Hanyang University is the best…….!!! Daebak!!!

[Indo Trans] Universitas Hanyang memang yang terbaik…….!!! Daebak!!!

@ActorJungilwoo @krungy21 남자가 대부분이였을거야 ㅋㅋ

[Eng Trans] I bet most of the audience are men keke

[Indo Trans] Aku bertaruh rata-rata penontonnya adalah pria keke

@krungy21 @ActorJungilwoo 어머머머머!!! 진짜? 그래서 함성소리가 그렇게 우렁찻나? ^_^;; 흐뭇~

[Eng Trans] Omomomomo!!! Really? So thats why the fanchants were so loud? ^_^;; So happy~”

[Indo Trans] Omomomomo!!! Benarkah? Jadi karena itu yah suara fanchant tadi kencang sekali? ^_^;; Senangnya~


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